An angel stuck in a cell when one day..

I'm tired of being in this cell. Isolated for my entire life. It started two years ago, when my father had pulled me away from my village when he learned that I am an angel. He dragged me from my friends, my crush and my home. He locked me up in a prison with only one window that leads to a nearby street.

I sat in a corner of my cell, hugging my knees. I heard the thuds of the main door. Footsteps came closer to my door as a plate is slid underneath the bars. I looked at the food then looked back out the window. The person left the room as I crawled over to the plate. I sat in front of it and nibbled on a piece of bread. I smelled something terrible. I looked outside the window and saw nothing. I slowly got up then walked towards the window. I let my arms dead then stared out the window. The smell was worse as I saw a boy standing on the other side of the street. He had dark hair pulled up in a high ponytail and his eyes staring at the floor.
''That's a bad habit.''
I said putting my hands on the bars of the window. My voice was rusty; I hadn't spoken in a while. He glanced at me and puffed from his cigarette. He walked towards the window and blew the smoke in my face. I coughed then backed away.
''What happened to your eye?''
He asked. I looked at him and touched my eye that was stitched shut. I looked away.
''Nothing that concerns you...''
I whispered. He put out his cigarette on the ledge of the window then threw it on the floor close to him.
He asked starting to walk away. I put my hand on the ledge then watched him walk away.
''I'm Tenshiko, by the way...''
I mumbled. I was sure he didn't hear me but he stopped in his tracks and turned his head towards me.
He said with a bit of a smile. He kept walking and eventually disappeared. I sighed.
''That was the first person I've talked to in months…''
I mumbled to myself. I fell back onto the floor and crawled back to my food. I ate the rest of the piece of bread then crawled onto my wooden bed. I closed my eye then started falling asleep.

''Wake up, you piece of trash.''
I slowly opened my eye to see a man standing at the gate of my cell.
''It's the 17th.''
He said unlocking the door. I slowly got up then limbed towards the door. I did a small smile as he let me out. He followed me till the door out of the dungeons then stopped me. I looked at him as he chained my ankles to inside of the house.
''You have a limit to go, and you have ten minutes. Don't mess it up.''
He said opening the door then walking away. I smiled a bit and slowly walked outside. The light shined in my eye as I inhaled the fresh air. I smelled the same thing as the other day as the door behind me closed. I looked over to my side and saw Keitaro leaning against the wall.
''G-Good morning…''
I said walking close to him. He took a drag then looked at me.
''I'm not going to talk to you if you still have that thing in your mouth...''
He sighed and put it out then threw it across the dirt path.
''Morning to you too.''
He said annoyingly. He looked at my clothes. I looked down at my ripped tank top and destroyed shorts, the clothes I had left my village in.
He said looking at the chain around my ankle. I looked away in shame.
''Wh-What happened to you...?''
He asked getting up and looking in my eye.
I refused to look at him.
I tried to pull my ankle further, tugging out the chain.
''This is how your life is...?''
He asked. I nodded as he mumbled 'wow...'
''Normally... I just get to go outside every month, on the 17th... And I only get one meal per day...''
I looked at Keitaro as I saw his eyes a bit wide.
''You're the first person I've talked to in months... And I've only got ten minutes outside. If my father catches you-''
''Wait, it's your father that does this to you?''
He interrupted. I nodded slowly.
''I'm going to help you get out of there.''
He said. I opened my eye wider and waved my arms, saying no.
''No! If I ever leave, my father'll find me and kill me! He knows how!''
He raised an eyebrow.
''What do you mean by how?''
I put both my hands on my mouth. The only way to kill an angel is to remove her halo. And since my father knows, he can see my wings and my halo; only the people I've told can see them.

''I need to trust you more to tell you…''
I mumbled. He nodded as I heard footsteps from inside my house.
''Quick! My father's coming, you have to go!''
I said getting up quickly. He got up too and nodded.
''I'll come back tomorrow, I promise.''
He said before starting to run away. I sat back down to make it look like I did nothin. He opened the door and looked at me.
''Come on.''
He said rudely. I nodded and went back inside.

Nothing interesting happened until Keitaro came at my window again the next day. I saw him walking towards the window but as soon as he saw me, he ran towards it. I smiled a bit.
''Morning. Are you feeling okay?''
He said smiling a bit. I noticed he didn't have a cigarette in his hands or mouth. I put my hands on the bars and looked at him.
"I don't think I can take this much longer...''
I said looking down. Keitaro looked at my eye and leaned against the wall.
''There isn’t much I can do...''
I looked at him again.
''You can still make me feel better. So, talk to me. Tell me what’s going on in your life…''
I said smiling a bit. He laughed before answering.
''I don’t think my life is as annoying as yours..''
I almost laughed while I mumbled a ‘try me’.
''Well… I have a father and a sister...''
He said a little odd. I looked at his face carefully; trying to find out what expression he had.
''If I tell you a secret… Will you tell me one of yours?''
I asked curious about his response.
''What do you mean…?''
He said raising an eyebrow. It would be hard to show him since I’m in my cell, but I can still tell him. I thought as I took a deep breath.
''I’m… an angel.''
As soon as the words left my mouth, a light appeared and lit up my halo and my wings. Keitaro widen his eyes. I closed my other eye as I felt the light dim.
I smiled a bit as he fell over.
I asked looking over the bars of the window. I can’t do anything to help him… I sighed and waited a few minutes before he got up. He put his hand on the ledge of the window and pulled himself up. I looked at him curiously.
''Are you okay…?''
I asked looking into his eyes. I saw his face get redder before he answered. He looked at my scratched halo then my broken wings. He nodded slowly, still his eyes wide, and not blinking.
''I haven’t been able to fly in forever…''
I said petting one of my wings. He almost fell over again but I reached out and grabbed his arm before he could.
''Keitaro… I trust you with this secret. Now, tell me one of yours.''
I said smiling a bit. He nodded, still a bit shocked. He looked around and thought for a little bit.
''Well… Since you told me you’re an angel… I guess I can tell you that…I’m a half-demon.''
I opened my eye wider. We both weren’t human. I smiled a bit.
''We’re more alike then you thought, huh?''
I said laughing a bit. I looked at the sun and saw it was almost twelve. Never having the time and always looking outside, I came to tell the time just by where the sun was. I opened my eyes a bit wider as I heard the dungeon doors open.
''Keitaro, please hide and stay quiet.''
I said going to sit in a corner. He tilted his head but then ducked as my father approached my gate. My father then approached the door and threw the plate at the gates, my food flying about and the tray breaking on impact.
''Who’s here!?''
He yelled angrily. I shut my eye in fear
''No-No one’s-''
''Don’t lie to me!''
He interrupted. I felt tears well up in my eyes as my father opened the gate and came inside.  He grabbed the closest thing he could find, which happened to be a metal bar as everything went black.

The End

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