Ten Tryouts: Elias Heikkinen

My entry for Dark's awesome idea 'Ten'
(Elias Heikkinen)



He hadn’t meant to do it.

The damn government should keep their files more secret now, shouldn’t they?

He tousled his ragged black hair, wiping the sweat from his brow. It was a usual cold British day, but his heart was beating fast, and he felt as though he was melting in his clothes.

Okay, so when he stumbled across… those files, he had been doing something considered… illegal. Selling credit card information was sort of considered quite a big crime.

But he was sixteen!

Sixteen year olds didn’t sell credit card information- they played games and tried to hit it off with girls.

He did, however. It was just to keep himself afloat- his mother had no way of putting him through any sort of higher education, he had paid it all himself- dressing shop models, cleaning toilets and windows. He had had countless, mind numbing jobs, all beneath him.

So when his friend Henrik told him how easy it would be for him to start skimming and selling, he ate up the offer.

He swore under his breath, looking round the wall onto the street. His mother’s apartment was swarming with heavily armed police.

It had been six days since he had stumbled across the government files.

On day one he began feeling a sense of surveillance.

On day two, he spotted two men in suits watching him outside of the campus.

On day three they followed him to his front door.

Day four they abrasively entered his home and questioned his mother.

And on day five, they stormed the place, armed to the teeth.

He barely had enough time to escape, and had spent the night rough, he had torn himself between running as far away as he could, and coming back to check on his mother. He had, and would always pick the latter.

But now, seeing the clamor around his home, he realized that he wouldn’t be coming back here for a while.

There was a shrill beep, and his phone buzzed.

He swore again and pulled it from his pocket, looking back at the gathering of yellow fluorescent jackets and flashing lights to make sure nobody had heard it.

He unlocked the phone, opening the email application.

'One Unread Email from: (address masked by server)'

His eyes went wide as he read it.

Would you like to play a game?

1.    Godfrey De Vries

2.    Michelle Sanchez

3.    Tony Blake

4.    Kamali Ncube

5.    Ebisawa Hitomi

6.    Alexi Bogdanov

7.    Mei Yu

8.    Thiago Torres

9.    Vahide Younan

Kill these people and we will make all of this go away. We will provide proof when you reach a safe location. We suggest that you run.

Elias shivered for a moment, his brain turned upside down from lack of sleep. But he did understand one word of that email.


So he ran. As fast as he could.

The End

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