Ten Tryouts - Mei Yu

An attempt to appease the great lords of literature. Or just to be a part of a project that might actually be finalized.

** Incomplete

In every child's face she saw it. A sign of her own failure, reflections of distress and fear. What was she doing in this place. Mei dragged her feet in the dirt, the swing swaying gently beneath her. Three years they'd tracked this killer, and at this rate it would be three more. Mei was tired, three years can take an awful tole on the body and on the soul. Paper flitted about the playground, dancing with the wind like some joyful child unaware of the cruel and sinister nature of life.

At some point in her career this case had become an obsession. She still worked the files, answered the phones. Mei was involved with forensics and still occasionally liased with international agents on various files. Her lover had left her six months ago. She couldn't remember why, though she knew the real reasons. They'd lived together for four years, travelling where work had taken Mei. Everything had begun falling apart in the last eighteen months. All this, and they barely had a profile.

Sighing Mei stood. Hair's tingled on her neck as she turned to her car. It was a pleasant evening, apart from her depressing mood. A few people were out, Mei hated these moments of paranoia. It came with the territory. Every jogger was a potential mugger. A single parent with a child could be a kidnapper. Being a detective eventually drove you crazy. Mei wasn't crazy yet, but she could feel the pull. Walking to her car she felt that odd sensation again. A tingling off the hairs on the back of her neck, as if someone was breathing on her. She shivered, stretched her shoulders and moved briskly to her car.

Yu Mei
Basics: A female detective hunting a long-running serial killer for the violent crimes division of the Shantou City police Department, China
Motivation: They can give her the killer. 

* I am wondering about the origin of the name Mei Yu, it appears to be a Taiwanese name and is rather Meiyu as in Samual Meiyu. However I'm not familiar with the language. It could be Smith Meiyu as in Maiyu Smith. Anyone with a Thai background able to clarity this ?

The End

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