Ten Souls GoneMature

Do I remember these people? Ella Mann? Holden Davids? Gerald Tennings? Bryce Daniels? Vera Hunter? Levi Grant? Nina Dyers? Beatrice Goodwin? Ben Forte? Devin Fredericks?

Of course I do.

I killed them all. All ten of them. But, if you heard my story... you'd take sympathy on me. Most likely anyway. If you have a heart. And if you don't... well, you'll hate me. You'll be afraid of me. You'll never want to meet me, talk to me, be my friend. You'll never want to engage in any kind of activity. I'm not mentally ill or unstable. Murdering ten people doesn't make you crazy. I didn't kill them for no reason. I had a reason. I had a decent reason. Love, hate, family, and lust... can lead you to do many things. Every one of these influenced me to take the risk. I had to kill them. I just had to. They didn't deserve to live. They didn't. At all.

But... shhhh... don't tell a soul. It's a secret.

The End

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