Ten MileMature

Sean is a doctor that once ago participated in a study of making humans into hybrids. The problem is that once their lab was invaded by THE AQUITIS; hoping to steal their creations, he is left to having to correct the wrong doings of his past. The person that holds the key is in Emannuelas locket. But who is she how will he find her?

  Ten Mile

  Feet were torn and leaving trails of red behind as Emmanuela held on the the last of her torn clothes. Her walk was limp and rigid. Her hair knotted and brunette red, while the thing she held closely wasn't her clothes at all. It was a thin silver chain around her neck. The clouds were starting to accumulate above her frail body. She coughed a couple times now feeling the earthly winds mother nature bestowed upon her.

  "Emannuela!" A tall man approached her as her legs began to give. He ran to her as fast as he could as he wiped the sweat off his forehead and caught her fall. A droplet from the sky had begun to sprinkle on her. She started to relax her muscles letting the necklace fall and hang from her neck. "Emannuela, where is Raul?"

  She attempted to open her eyes. "Raul is with Benny back in the cabin, the Aquitis attacked us." Sean looking straight into Emannuela caressed it softly. He pushed her hair back and took ahold of her silver locket and looked inside. It was a small child that had prominent black hair and freckles. She was young; and was the spitting image of Emannuela. He carried her inside his house and ripped off what was left of her clothing. He examined her back to find the growth starting.



The End

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