Jaida swam up to the surface without looking at the caves below. Once she hi the surface, she flipped her hair back and pulled herself onto the rock at the base of the cliffs. It was very misty that night and she felt that maybe Deangelo had overdone it tonight. He was the man who ran this system that Jaida was in. He made sure that all his Sirens were doing their job and he took care of the humans that they brought back. Jaida hated to think what he did to them.

It wasn't long before Annah joined her on the rock. Annah was less slender in comparison to Jaida but her hair was far longer and was more green than Jaida's.

"What's with all the mist?" Annah asked.

"I don't know. It's getting stupid now. No human in their right mind would sail into this," Jaida said, "I mean it isn't safe even if we weren't here."

Annah felt Jaida was too harsh with her words and hated the situation too. They were both young girls in relation to how long they were expected to live but they both felt trapped. No Siren would admit it but they hated their lives like this. The sneaking and lying made them stressed all the time. But they had no choice. They were just as trapped as the humans would be.

It wasn't long before a ship started to appear. Annah started to sing first. Her voice was haunting and alluring.

"Ay-wa askia wintar, Ay-ey jodara, Ay-we meno vielgo menav, Deral mothen diwa," Annah sang. Jaida then joined her, "Lasto-i-lamath, Ay-e woro-oo, Eyl mathe dara morfor lero, A-fadaren tha, offo thor ler oo, Eyl rath ool"

Suddenly they could both feel the pull of the magic. The humans had heard. Now they were trapped.

The End

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