Just Another Day

Jaida stretched out and then rolled onto her side. She flicked her tail and sat upright, rolling her head, making her blue tinted hair wave in the water. She swam over to the other side of the room and pushed back the plant's leaves to get to her clothes behind. She took out a stoal and wrapped it around her torso, tying it at the side. Her slim stomache was showing as was her long blue tail.

She swam back over to her window as carefully as she could, trying not to stir the sand on the ground before swimming out of it. It was still dark but she could see the sillouettes of her parents in their room, fast asleep. They didn't know the things she got up to. Not many people did. It was frowned upon and so she never told a soul. The people who knew also did it or were in charge of it. She was ashamed of it but she was too deep in it now to back out.

Jaida was a Siren.

The End

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