Tempting FateMature

Seth runs away from the tantalising scent of humans and finds a homeless young mother cradling a dead baby so he heals the baby and brings her back to life and gives the mother his thick coat and then runs into an alley way and meets the hooker who is a trap by another vampire called Lamia and he falls in love with her, then she gets killed by a group of vampires names the 'Helsing' Brothers , he can't heal her and so he avenges her but then comes into an encounter with a human girl who is the n

My throat burned like jagged knifes running through my neck as I smelt the sweet delicious nectar that is human blood. I ran, far away from the scent, as far as I could without smelling or even getting close to another human. Instead of running to my sanctuary, I ran into an encounter with the helpless cries of a young mother nestling her baby close to her. Struggling to find warmth in the baby and sobbing wild, uncontrollable tears, I had already known what had happened. A young mother out in the streets with her newborn, it didn’t stand a chance in this cold white winter. I quickly stopped in my tracks, drew my thick coat from around me. Hell knows I don’t need it!

I then took the cold child from her trembling fingers and held it close, the sweet smell that I usually scent had vanished and it always did when I had to do this. The tiny infant then glowed with life in my very arms, its tiny fragile fingers curled and uncurled with life and soon regained the skins natural pink nature. It gurgled happily in my arms and slowly began to search out for her mother. I passed the baby back to her and gave her my thick coat. I was about to leave her but said ‘I think you’ll need this more than I do, do me a favour? Keep her nourished, happy and alive, keep her from danger, okay?’

‘Who are you? What are you? Why did you help me?’ the mother asked cautiously. ‘You don’t need to know any of that; it’ll only lead you to danger, well for you and for her.’ When I thought I had spoken enough I left her, again running as fast as I could away from her and her baby’s scent. I ended up in one of the many alley ways that this city has to offer. ‘God this is a nightmare! Trying to get away from humans! I do know what I am and what I am capable of, I am a healer, NOT!! A killer!’

‘who you talking to sweetie?’ a scantily clad woman wearing nothing but thigh length boots, a leather mini-skirt that is way more mini than it should be and a cropped off tank top that looks like its been shrunk in the wash. Great I’m being hit on by a hooker! That’s just wonderful! ‘Well are you going to answer me sweetness or am I just not the right person to talk to? Maybe you I could give you some company, what do you think?’ She interrupted my thoughts for a second until I took a sharp breath in. exactly what I thought, she’s a drug user. I could smell it in her scent, the usual sweet delicacy that I can usually smell is not pure, not clean.

‘Hey, do you have any family? Children? People that know you or at least know who you are?’ I questioned carefully, to not cause alarm in her. She looked at me curiously and then finally sat down on one of the many wooden crates just casually dumped in the middle of the dark, dank alley. ‘No’ she answered. ‘No I don’t have any family, no one to support me or guide me out of this god damn mess’. I mused for a second, brushed back my cropped black hair and thought to myself. She doesn’t have any family; no one will know a thing. I turned for a second, a wide menacing smile deepened on my face. At that moment I was about to doanythingfor this burning in my throat to go away! ‘Screw it!’ I snarled and whirled around to meet her shocked bewildered expression.

I whirled around her like a hurricane sweeping through a forgotten town, her eyes darted around, her feet frozen to the spot and her ever-more delectable pulse was quickening and getting so much more enticing with each drop of pure fear and adrenaline. The kill was so much more fun if they try and escape. ‘Aren’t you going to run?’ I questioned as soon as I stopped and stood in front of her. ‘What’s the point? You’re just going to kill me anyway; I may as well just let you do it. It’s not in my control so just do it! Finish me off before the drugs do!’ she answered as she drew into herself and managed to take a glance. Wait! There it is, the fear is still there in her eyes, in her gaunt, almost-empty expression.

The rush was back, if only there was a way to build up this fear and to make her run! I already know what to do. I let a wild inhumane snarl erupt from the very pits of my ever-more hungry throat. Her face said it all, the hunt is on! 

The End

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