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Every little girl dreams of being a princess, of growing up to find their true love and living happily ever after. As summer pressed on, the heat waves extending fiery hands to caress the streets of Black Hills, and Loren and I grew closer than ever. Sometimes, he would just hold me against his chest and twist strands of my hair around his finger. In those moments I felt more protected than I ever had. Loren was my guardian angel, chasing my demons away. Every kiss, every whispered words, every brush of bare skin was so much more to me. When Loren trailed his fingertips across the delicate skin of my stomach, down my hip bones, I couldn’t fight the trembling.


I leaned in close to the mirror, examining the dark bruise-like skin beneath my eyes. My hair hung in straight clumps around my face as I moved my lips along with the sounds of Mayday Parade. I certainly didn’t look any different. I didn’t feel any different.


The door bell drew my from my own reflection, killing the lights and music at one. I knew who was waiting on the other side of the door. That knowledge was what sent me darting down to it. I threw open the door and let out a squeal, leaping at him. Loren let out a slight laugh, hugging me tightly. “Hi, Salem,” he greeted, kissing me quickly. “Happy birthday.”


I smiled warmly. “Thank you.” Sixteen years. It felt as though I’d done so much and yet hadn’t accomplished anything at all. It was quite the sensation. Behind him, Terris stood by, silent and removed as ever. I murmured a hello to him, which he returned softly. Then I took Loren by the hand and led him into the house, the blonde boy trailing behind us.


Both Loren and Terris made themselves at home, which was fine with me. I didn’t understand people who felt they needed to throw a huge bash for their sixteenth birthday. All I needed was the company of those that truly, truly loved me. I returned to the bathroom to touch up the black around my eyes, feeling slightly elated just knowing that Loren was near.


It wasn’t long until Loren appeared in the doorway, a faint smile gracing his face. I watched him watching me through the mirror, leaning against the doorframe. “You look beautiful, Salem.”


I smiled back. “Thanks,” I replied, yet I didn’t tear my gaze from the mirror.


Loren came over and wrapped his arms around me, kissing my neck, my shoulder, my collarbone. “I have a present for you,” he murmured against my skin. It was tingling from his touch already, and the vibration of his words only made it worse. behind closed eyes I could see him, moving his lips down, down, biting bare skin…


Loren shrugged. “I didn’t listen. Here. Open it now.” He handed me a small bag, silver and purple and perfect. I was positively gleaming as I carefully tugged at the tissue paper. At the bottom of the bag was a small green box. I reached in and pulled it out, glancing up at Loren. He urged me on with only his deep brown eyes. Lifting the lid, I felt my jaw fall open and the air around me thicken. Awaiting me within was a necklace, a flawless cut of amethyst in the shape of a heart, a set of earrings to match. I admired them for many long seconds before setting the box down and kissing him fiercely.


“It’s beautiful,” I told him. “Thank you so much.” When he pulled away, I took the jewelry out and put it on, the necklace falling gently upon my chest. A visible remember of the heart within. Of course mine was not so stunning.


For the rest of the night, I absorbed Loren’s company like it was all I had. I laughed along with him and Terris, and I smiled like the world might stop turning if I didn’t. Sixteen years…I hadn’t had to wait so long for my happy ending after all.




Loren kissed me passionately, lips working hard against mine. With one hand fisted in my thick hair, the other trailed lightly across delicate folds of my body. I moaned beneath him, gripping him tighter, silently begging for more. Everywhere our bare skin met was on fire. My heart thudded in my chest, beating in time with his. Between kisses, I gasped for air, but it mattered not. I was drowning, drowning, suffocating in his love. Embracing the sweet pain of slipping away.


Loren pulled away, his gentle way of telling me it was going to far, but I fought to keep him pressed against me. with those eyes that I adored he questioned me, and with my own pale green ones I responded. When still he hesitated, I spoke. “I want to, baby.” Loren stared at me a few seconds more before reaching into the drawer of his bedside table.


I let my eyes slip closed, let my mind take me back to the first time I had ever laid eyes upon the beautiful creation that was Loren Hale. In those days he’d seemed to dark and mysterious and worth fearing. Now here he was, here we both were, with out hearts on the line. I’d never been so terrified and excited all at once. I’d never felt so complete.


When they fell open once again, Loren was back on top of me, kissing me and telling me he loved me. I knew that he did. I wrapped my arms around him and held to him, feeling so breakable yet so invincible. Every kiss, touch, gasp for more brought us that much closer. I loved him more than he could fathom, but the words got lost in the trembling, waves of the magic radiating. Loren’s body against mine now felt electrified. The broken pieces of my heart now felt revived.


After, with my heart against his chest and his fingers still lightly teasing my skin, when he kissed me on the forehead, I knew. I knew that nothing could tear us apart now. Not when we were so connected. There was an unshakeable sort of magic that bound us, tying our souls together. If such a thing even existed.


In that, I was overjoyed. For here was the boy who I’d never dreamed could love me back, staring out with me into forever.


Loren watched as I slid back into my clothes, intent like he had watched me so many times before. Searching. With the ghost of a faded smile upon my lips, I had to wonder if he’d found it. Once I was fully dressed, I let his room and set off for a glass of water. I hadn’t completely managed to catch my breath yet, and I was starting to think that I never really would. How could I when Loren just kept stealing it?


I drank the liquid down, gripping violently at the counter’s edge. When Loren appeared beside me, I set the glass down and turned to face him. “This doesn’t change anything with us,” he told me. “I love you so much more now. I’ve never felt so close to someone.”


I stepped towards him and allowed him to engulf me in his arms. “I know it doesn’t. It was the most magical thing I’ve ever experienced.” Loren pressed his lips to my forehead. It was enough to assure me he would be there. He would always be there.


“Come on,” he said then, letting me go. “Let’s order a pizza.”





Salem Conners: Today was so, so perfect.

     August 17, 2010, 10:09 pm.


Loren Hale: I know, baby. I love you.

     August 17, 2010, 11:09 pm


Salem Conners: I love you too. Imma get some sleep.

     August 17, 2010, 11:11 pm


Loren Hale: Wear you out today?

     August 17, 2010, 11:12 pm

The End

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