Tempted IrisMature

Black Hills: Part Three

Welcome to Black Hills.

In Black Orchid... Enter Reina Pewter, a beautiful, tragic girl who has long since lost hope. She finds solace in her best friend, Xander Ocher, who has more than a few scars of his own. As they try to heal, they find themselves only breaking more, falling harder and harder for each other as they tumble into the abyss of misery. Xander must come to realize that love may not always be enough, and that he simply cannot save everyone.

In Midnight Roses... After the vicious suicide of his best friend and love, Reina Pewter, Xander finds himself turning to drugs and alcohol for comfort. That is, until he meets Alessa, a shattered girl who reminds him a bit too much of his Reina. He is unconditionally drawn to her,  knowing that he cannot let another in his life turn to the path of suicide. Alessa finds herself insane with the thought of him, and after months of turmoil and struggles, they finally come to learn that in life, there is only one second chance.

Now, In Tempted Iris... Salem Conners is just another victim of the apathy of Black Hills, finding her fix in her studies. But when she meets Loren Hale, a boy straight from the shadows, she is thrown into a journey for love unlike any Black Hills has seen before. With his voice in her head and the help of some friends, she will stop at nothing for make him realize that sometimes letting someone else in is all it takes to erase the past.

The End

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