Sarah Higgings didn't mean for it to happen, she had never wanted to become a monster. Things just felt into place like that. Sarah promised to protect her love. Jace Stevenson, she promised to keep him safe from the wolves, but they quickly discover Sarah is protecting Jace so they try and force him into becoming like them.

Chapter One; Sarah.

I laid there. Alone. The sun creeped through the window shining onto my face. I sat up, resting my back on the backboard of the bed. I glared at the small wooden table placed beside the bed. There was a hard covered book, the title read New Moon. One of those stupid novels from the Twilight Saga. Edward was a stupid man, leaving Bella in the woods. Every time I thought of Twilight, I thought of how tacky they made Vampires look. Vampires don't sparkle either. Just the thought, made me laugh.

I heard a knock on the door. Kary. My eyes lit up like fireworks. I had almost forgot about today, August 4th. My birthday. Kary walked into the room, her red hair in tight curls. And those eyes, beautiful.  I always wished to be Kary, ever since I was seven years old, meeting her in second grade.  Kary held a cake in her hands, eighteen candles. Not one more, or one less.

"Happy birthday, Sarah!" She shouted loudly smiling warmly at me. She always knew how to make me smile. Always. She walked towards me, placing the chocolate cake on my lap. A smile instantly appeared on my blank looking face. "C'mon! Make a wish already, I know your speechless thanks to my amazing cooking skills," We both laughed.

"Thanks Kary," I said blowing out the candles. I always remembered trying to blow out all the candles at the same time when I was a kid. I still tried, but eighteen candles. That's a bit much. Kary took the cake back into the kitchen. I picked up my phone which was laying on the pillow beside my own. I read into my text messages.

Message received at 8:50AM.

From : Jace Stevenson.

Happy birthday, beautiful.

Smiling was all I could do. All I wanted to do. I set my phone down walking out into the kitchen. Kary was washing dishes humming to some country song. She had a amazing voice, I always wondered why she never used it.  "So how about that Jace guy?" As soon as she said the name, my eyes narrowed. Her words gave a chill to my spine.

"We're just friends," I mumbled.

"With benefits," She laughed. I rolled my eyes at her joke.  I grabbed a hold onto my jacket, walking out the doorway of our apartment. I didn't even need to change thanks to Kary and Savannah throwing me a surprise party then getting me super drunk.  I quickly got into Kary's car, my head beating like a drum. I needed to see him, felt like its been forever since I seen those crystal blue eyes. 

The End

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