"Hey, what made you call?"

"Nothing, just wanna see if you're fine. Why? Don't you want me to call you?"

"Of course I want you to call me. It's just that I'm quite frustrated with my work. Got truckloads of paperwork to be done. How is it going there?"

"Missing you," Lianne gave a lovely peal of laughter "same thing here actually, lots of work to be done. I just wanna find time to relax you know.."

"Oh so now I'm only for relaxation?"

"Heck no! What made you say that?"

"I was just kidding. Chill." I said, and laughed. "Anyways, I'm just going to finish some work okay? I'll call you later. Love you, bye."

Our long-distance relationship ain't working out well anymore. It has been a year since she left for work and I expect it to last for a few more years. We have been talking to each other everyday since she left, but after a few months, we both became busy to call each other even at least once every two weeks. She's busy with work while I'm busy with something else, and I know you know what it is.

"Hey Jon, how was work?"

So far as I remember, I have been dating this girl for six months already, she's one of my classmates back in college. The prettiest and the hottest but was single, she probably waiting for someone back then, and I guess it was me. "I hate it whenever I see the two of you back in college. I was dying of envy." she once confessed to me. Lucky guy I was, actually until now. Girls go crazy over me, as what my friends would tell me. Who could help it? Jonathan Martin was blessed with overflowing charm.

Oh, and the girl? Her name is Marianne.

I know what we're doing is wrong but, it can't be helped, right?

The End

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