Chapter ThirteenMature

'Can you look after Conner please? I need to hunt.'

Chester turned round from the kitchen sink and glared at me. 

'This is your fault,' he hissed.

'My fault?' I repeated, incredulously. Where had this sudden outburst come from? Where had the calm, understanding Chester disappeared to? I guess I hadn't underestimated him after all.

'Yes, your fault. It was you who befriended him in the first place and now look where you've landed us. We have another vampire to deal with.'

'This isn't my fault!' I protested. 'It was Conner who came round. I didn't invite him. I tried to tell him to leave me alone.'

'Oh yeah, I bet you tried real hard,' Chester's tone was dripping with sarcasm and it cut straight through me. I growled at him.

'Don't you dare put this on me. I never asked for this! I think you're forgetting we have other vampires in town. We have more pressing matters at the minute. Now, guard him. I'm thirsty.'

I left him in the kitchen, absolutely fuming. What right had he to put the blame on me? I hadn't asked for this at all! Didn't he think I was just as shocked as he was? I stalked off down the road, a frown planting itself firmly on my features, my hands balled into fists. I so badly wanted to hit something right now.

Once I was a good few towns over, I stopped. The flaring hunger in my throat had subsided until now. It was ten times worse though. My whole body ached, my stomach felt like it was being stabbed multiple times with multiple knives, my emotions had gone haywire. I was on the edge, feeling like I was going to snap at any minute. I needed to feed

But where?

I focussed on the voices. Several different voices drifted in and out, in and out. 

'Hey do you think he'll be angry if ---'

'I need to get home, my mum's---'

', get off me.'

I listened closer to the last conversation I had heard, my interest sparked.

A small, girlish laugh. A deeper, hungrier chuckle. Two humans messing around, not far away. I followed the direction, assuring my body that the hunger was going to be sated soon. 

The voices led me to an absolutely run-down pathetic excuse for a park. Two lone swings with rusted chains and dilapidated rubber seats swung half-heartedly in the breeze. The only other objects in the park was a metal fence with peeling green paint lining the border and a roundabout that looked like it was on its last legs. 

'Come on babe,' the male urged.

My head turned towards the two teenagers in the woods. Of course they would be in there. I smiled to myself and began to advance.

'No, not here,' the girl's protests were weak. The male knew he was in for a chance.

'Why not?' 

I circled around the outside of the woods, round to the back, deciding to have fun. My footsteps were light, naturally, the stalk of a predator. I let out my breath in a jagged, rasping sigh.

'What was that?' the girl predictably asked.

I could easily see them from here. A blonde female and a dark haired male. He had her pushed against the tree, his head nestled into her neck. She was pushing pathetically against his chest, a stupid grin on her face. Only now, she wasn't smiling. Her head darted round wildly, but I remained in the shadows.

'Nothing,' the male replied. 'Come on.'


Time to make an appearance.

In one fluid motion, I had ripped the male off the girl and flung him across the damp floor. The girl didn't have time to register what was going on before I had sunk my teeth into her throat. She cried out loud, but I clamped a hand over her mouth, enjoying the sweet enriching liquid that flowed into my mouth, calming my wild hunger. It was so delicious. I felt her blood rush through my veins, awakening every cell, every molecule, filling me with such a warm, pleasant feeling. It was ecstasy. All too soon, it was over.

I let her body fall to the floor before turning to the male. He was unconscious, a line of blood beginning to trickle down his temple. 

'No fun,' I complained.

However, I wasn't going to waste any.


The End

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