Chapter FiveMature

School the next day was eventful. Everyone was talking about the three mysterious murders in their small, unremarkable town. Three men all found dead in a dark alleyway on the roughest side of town raised the question that there was a lethal killer loose in town.

The hustle and bustle of assembly died down as the headteacher came onto the stage, his expression morose.

'I'm afraid I have some terrible news for everyone. Harriet Prince, a well known and respected student of Tymbre High was found dead last night in her home.'

A shocked silence fell on the entire school.

'I understand that three men were indeed found dead last night, but I can confirm the deaths are thought to be unrelated. The counsellor will be available to those in need and lessons for the rest of the day are cancelled. There will be a memorial service held this Friday at 2pm. My thoughts are with you all, and of course, for Harriet's family.' 

* * *

'Rose!' someone called behind me. I knew who it was and I ignored him, hitching my bag up my shoulders and quickening my pace.

However, he was extremely persistent and he soon caught up to me. Grabbing my shoulder, he turned me round. 

'Rose, don't ignore me.'

'What do you want?' I demanded, surprised that he'd even dare to touch me.

He took a deep breath before beginning.

'I just gotta say thank you for saving me last night. I know I should be keeping away from you and I know I should tell someone that it was you who...killed those men, but I won't. They were scumbags who deserved to die. I know some things happened as well, that I'm having trouble comprehending, such as how easily you managed to stop them or the incredible strength you demonstrated, but I'm prepared to overlook that. We can go back to ignoring one another, but I just had to get that in the open.'

He smiled at me before turning around and heading home, leaving me standing there completely speechless.

I was greeted with the headline of a newspaper as soon as I entered the house. The caption read:


'Do you know anything about this?' Eli questioned. I sighed in exasperation. It seemed that all he wanted to do lately was criticise me and the way I chose to live my life. It was getting rather tiresome.

'Read it.'

I snatched the paper out of his hand and regarded the article with an indifferent gaze.

Local high school student, Harriet Prince was found dead in her home in the late hours of Tuesday night. She was discovered by her friend, Cara Sampson who was believed to have a spare key to the house. Although the body was not discovered until Tuesday, the police can confirm that she was killed before this time.

I stopped reading.

'So?' I shoved the newspaper back at him.

'Nobody suspects it was you?' Eli raised his eyebrow. 

I shook my head.

'Why would they?' I couldn't help a smile spread across my face which only seemed to fuel his anger.

'This isn't a laughing matter Rose!' he cried out. 'We could be discovered! Then what would happen?' 

'We'll get out before that happens. We can take care of ourselves you know. Besides, it won't happen, why would any suspect it was me?'

'You were a well known enemy of Harriet.' 

'Yes but am I really capable of murder?'

'Obviously you are! We need to get out of here Rose.' 

'No!' I protested with a bit too much force than I'd intended. 'How would that look if we all just disappeared straight after a murder? That'd certainly raise a red flag!'

Eli frowned. 'Fine, but if I get so much as a whiff that someone's on to us, we're leaving. For gods sake Rose, can't you go a day without killing someone?'

He turned round and headed back into the kitchen. It appeared that way didn't it? That I had a lust for murder. I hated to admit it, but he was right; I probably did need to tone it down.



The End

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