Chapter ThreeMature

I never really fit in much at school, even when I was human. I was a misfit, a freak, a nobody. I didn't belong in any group at school, not even with the other "misfits". I spent a lot of my time alone which meant my school life passed by with me struggling to adjust, consumed with unhappiness. I sat by myself at lunch, telling myself I didn't care that people would laugh and whisper as they passed me. I told myself I didn't care that nobody said hello to me or that I was invisible in their eyes.

I dreaded each school day. I'd go through the same mundane task every morning. The alarm clock's high pitched shrill would drag me out of my peaceful unconsciousness, into a harsher, more brutal place. I'd get out of bed reluctantly, stand in the shower letting the water wash over my skin, waking me up and get dressed. 

It didn't help that my parents couldn't care less. They practically didn't exist in my life. I rarely saw them and on the occasions I did they were distracted with other things and gave me no more than a 'Hello Rose.' They never did what I thought normal parents would, they never asked me how my day was or listened to my problems. They never saw me off to school on my first day or stood by vigilantly at the end, waiting to see how I found it. They both had only one love in their life: Work. 

This meant I went through my childhood alone and miserable. This also toughened me up however and I gradually learnt to look after myself. I became independent and found I didn't need my parents anyway. What good were they for? They were just another nuisance in my life, another unwanted trouble. 

Enter high school. That was when the problems really began. That's when Harriet Prince discovered I was vulnerable and thus an easy target. Each lunch time she would wait for me with her band of clones and she'd push me over, kicking me, hitting me, bruising me. She spread nasty rumours about me, causing everyone else to ignore me, regardless of the fact that none of them had even said hello to me before anyway. She'd tell me I was a nobody, a worthless pest that needed taking care of. An irritation. 

I found the best way to deal with Harriet Prince was not to fight back, as I'd unfortunately found out one day ending up with a black eye and a sprained wrist, but to just simply ignore her. Over time she got bored of me and began to leave me alone, choosing people who would retaliate just so she'd get a kick out of it. 

So when he really did come for me, all those nights ago, I jumped at the chance to change. To take revenge on all of those who'd ever been horrible to me. A new life sounded like exactly what I needed but I soon discovered that a new life was not what I'd had, but simply a curse. A terrible, destructive curse ripping my soul and humanity from my body and replacing it with something dark and callous. Something uncaring and indifferent to the human race. 


The End

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