He came to me at night, with a voice like velvet and eyes like glaciers, piercing and dangerous. He whispered that all my suffering would end. I still remember the way his cold breath gently brushed my skin, turning my thoughts into a jumbled mess. He told me it would all be over and I would have a chance to start again. To be somebody new. I would be powerful, feared and unstoppable. I didn’t trust him but what he told me sounded so enthralling I listened with attentiveness, hungry for more.

‘Is this what you want?’ his eyes burned into mine with such intensity and vigour, I could only nod.

My life has not been the same since. He fulfilled all his promises, I did become powerful, feared and unstoppable, but I’ve lived this entire time hating myself for what I agreed to become. I became hateful, vengeful and bloody thirsty. I had virtually lost my grip on my humanity. 

This is my story.

The End

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