She shouldn't do it; it was wrong. But sometimes, the temptation was just too hard to resist.

" I love you."

Those vicious words - they pierced her very being and cut down inside of her. But there was nothing that she could do about it. It was too hard to resist. She couldn't stop herself, but she knew, deep down inside, she wanted to.

Could she?

"It's gonna be a hard week for you."

"Oh well."

WARNING!  This book contains swearing and a bit of innapropriate content.

Sighing and rolling her eyes, sixteen-year-old Anna Black turned and left her brother behind as she exited the door. It was her first day of eleventh grade, in a new school, and she wasn't exactly what you'd call "happy" about it. She had only been here once before, on that crazy night of the week where you're allowed to visit the school, an "open house." And that's what it was - it was a huge, crowded school, most likely with tons of slutty popular girls and jocks.


Sighing dreamily to herself, Anna walked towards her car quickly and got in the front seat. She'd be driving herself today, as she would usually do, but hoped that nothing bad would happen.

And then... it did.

The End

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