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Sere burst into the daylight, blinking away the blinding effect the blue dwarf star caused. The world was bathed in blue. During her time in the prison with Malik, the planet had turned from night to day. To her there wasn’t much difference between the two, both were hazy and murky and swathed in strange colors. This time, instead of a grayish blue the atmosphere was simply blue apart from the violet sky glaring down. Sere squinted up at the sky, judging the time. “Noon already? Time passes much quicker here than on Earth – or anywhere else for that matter,” She muttered, stumbling after Malik who had paused to wait for her. Just beyond them was the familiar rectangular outline of the TARDIS. Its lights glowed comfortingly through the fog. “Home sweet home,” Sere sighed, clinging just a little tighter to the boy in her arms. A scream pierced the silence that hung over the forest. Malik rose to his hind legs, fore arms tucked against his chest. He peered into the distance, muscles quivering from the effort of holding himself up. “What is it?” Sere whispered, hardly daring to breathe. “The guards at the gate have been slaughtered,” He howled in rage and dropped to all floors, swiping at the ground with his paw. Three long gouge marks formed into the dirt. “Then the Ponds are in trouble,” Sere realized. Malik nodded gravely. “Here, take him, I have to go help them,” Malik opened his jaws to receive the boy. Gingerly, Sere laid her bundle into his open mouth, “Be careful with him alright? If you get hungry, don’t eat him,” Malik flicked his ears back flat and grunted in frustration. Apparently he’d actually been considering devouring the small human that now rested comfortably on his tongue. Sere took one last glance at the boy and sprinted away, heading as fast as she could towards the sound of the screams. She could only pray that she reached them in time.



The Doctor ran through the confusing labyrinth of the castle. He could hear the manic laughter of the Bad Wolf close at his heels. “Time is growing short Doctor!” She howled after him. He panted for breath, cursing his age and failing hearts. Time was indeed growing short. Malik’s wolves should have come to his aid when the Bad Wolf attacked him. Something was dreadfully wrong. He had to reach the Ponds to warn them.  He could feel the blood sliding down his face, hot and sticky. He also wanted to get to the TARDIS to fix his face before it became irreversible. Something told him it was going to be irreversible regardless. The Wolf’s claws had glowed with fire when she had clawed him. It would take an awful lot to undo the damage. He really didn’t want to have to blow up another star for Rose. No, it wasn’t Rose. His throat contracted painfully as he held back the wave of tears that threatened to overwhelm him. His Rose was dead and the Wolf had murdered her. When all this was over, the Doctor vowed that he would do all he could to put the Wolf in her final resting place.


Amy was screaming her head off, yelling at the wolf to go away. Rory, bewildered, exchanged looks with Lily before marching over to his wife, “Amy, that’s not going to help.” “I don’t care!” She snapped at him. Bending down, she picked up a stone and threw at the monster. It hit it square on the nose. “Get back you!” “Do you want to get eaten?” Lily piped up, nervously backing away from the now growling werewolf. It pounced at her mother and knocked her backwards. Amy squealed, bicycling her legs in the air. “Well don’t just stand there!” She screeched at Rory who was watching the slobbering jowls of the monster get closer and closer to his wife’s face, “Help me!”

Rory lunged forward and pushed the wolf aside. Or, at least, he tried to. The wolf didn’t budge. Instead, it backhanded Rory who was sent flying ten feet away. He smashed into the wall and crumpled to the ground. “Dad!” Lily cried, running forward to help him. A second wolf came out of nowhere, leaping in front of her. It snarled a warning, lashing a paw at her, inches from her breasts. She leapt away like she was standing on hot coals. “For god’s sake where is he?” Lily screamed, spinning in circles. Her eyes scanned the castle, the wall, and the three other wolves that were abandoning their meal of other wolves to attack them. “I don’t know where he is, love, but that really doesn’t matter now does it?” Lily’s neck snapped upwards. Squinting past the sun, she saw the outline of a figure on the top of the wall. “I suggest you duck!” Sere called down. Lily hit the ground as fast as she could. Darts from Sere’s crossbow rained down from the sky, piercing the eyes of the wolves. They howled in pain, backing away from their prey. “That’ll teach em!”

Lily cheered, leaping to her feet, pumping her fist in the air. Rory groaned and staggered to his feet, “Wha- what happened? Did I save Amy?” Amy pushed the wolf away that was writhing in pain on top of her, “Yeah Rory, you saved me, lets go with that,” She drawled sarcastically, flicking a long strand of red hair out of her face. Sere leaped down from the wall, landing catlike before them. Lily stared at her, in awe of her superhuman abilities, “Come on, I unlocked the gates from the outside,” No one questioned how that was even possible. When one was in the presence of a skilled assassin Time Lady, one learned not to question her methods.

When the reached the gates, they found that the lock had been smashed to bits. The heavy padlock had been broken into about ten or fifteen different pieces that littered the ground. Lily’s eyes grew wide. The perfect imprint of a hand was impressed onto one of the metal bars of the gate. Sere had demolished the lock with her bare hands.




For the second time that day, the Doctor leaped through an open window. This time however, it was on the second story of the castle. He pin wheeled his arms, attempting to gain purchase on sheer nothingness. He failed miserably and landed face first in the dirt, his legs all askew. He cursed himself for even trying to access the part of him that possessed superhuman abilities. He was too old and too world weary to trick himself into thinking he was young again. Moaning, he picked his battered and bruised body up from the ground and made his way towards the now open gates. The Ponds were nowhere to be seen. The lack of human blood on the ground assured him that they had made their escape. Now all he had to do was make it back to the TARDIS before the Bad Wolf caught up to him.



Malik gently placed the boy on the floor of the infinite machine. The child moaned and pressed his cheek against the orange metal.

Malik didn’t like the cold sterile air of the TARDIS, nor did he enjoy the constant hum of the engines beneath his feet. Snarling, he bounded out of the open doors and into the familiar blue light of his planet. His claws extended, digging into the earth to stop him from smashing straight into his former mistress. The woman smiled a cruel smile. She looked around the werewolf’s bulk and into the blue box, “I see you’ve left the door open for me Malik. Good boy,” Her wolves materialized out of the ether beyond her and formed a half circle around her, protecting their mistress until the very end. “It’s over,” Malik snarled. He raised himself to his full height, towering over the woman. Her eyes blazed with fury, “This isn’t over until I say its over, Malik.” The wolves snarled aggressively. Malik braced himself for the fight. He would sacrifice himself for the Doctor’s cause if he had to. The Time Lord had promised the freedom of his people. That meant more to Malik than his own life.

The End

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