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Sere ran. The werewolves were almost nipping at her heels, howling in rage. They were angered at the fall of their beloved leader. Because of the Doctor’s interference, the pack had split into two factions. One had chosen to follow Malik and overthrow the Wolf. The other had decided to defend their mistress and fight to the death for her. Sere was their first target. She had to reach the prison in the hillside before they did so she could rescue – Rick? No, he wasn’t Rick. She shook her head to clear it. Forty years of time travel and the simplest paradoxes continued to perplex her. Her hearts pounded in her chest, a four beat rhythm, far too familiar. A smallish wolf grabbed hold of her pant leg with its jaws and yanked her backwards. She fell to the ground, chest first. All the wind went out of her lungs in a single breath. She flipped over just as the beast lunged at her, teeth snapping at her face. She held back the slobbering mongrel, disgusted at the drool that dripped onto her cheek. She could see its red tongue flexing in anger as it attempted to tear her face to bits. With a grunt she flung the creature away with a burst of super human strength. The dog yelped as its spine shattered from the impact against the hard ground. It died instantly. The other members of the pack faction came to a screeching halt before the Time Lady. They were stunned that she had defeated their quickest wolf so easily. Standing, Sere curled her hands into fists. “Alright, who’s first?”



The Doctor cradled Sere in his arms. He rocked back and forth, tears dripping down his face. “Doctor, we need to get her out of here,” Rory was kneeling beside them. He was a nurse. He could help. But the Doctor clung to his daughter, not letting him get any nearer. The Doctor finally relented and nodded, “Ok,” His voice came out very quiet. Amy thought he looked like a little boy, extremely lost. But the anger and sadness in his eyes betrayed his true age. Lily couldn’t tear her eyes away from Sere’s bloody body. She’d seen enough cruelty and terror that day to last her a life time. She would never be the same girl she was ever again. The Doctor stood, holding Sere’s naked body in such a way so that no one else could see her exposed bits. Then time stood still. There was the sound of rubble being shifted. A light blazed from the outside through the broken stained glass window. The Doctor panicked and darted over to Rory, “Rory please take Sere and get everyone back to the TARDIS,” “Doctor!” “Rory just do it!” The Doctor roared, shoving Sere into his arms. She moaned a little at the sudden movement. Rory looked down at the bundle in his arms, bewildered. “GO!” The Doctor howled as a woman cloaked in an unholy fire stepped through the broken window back into the throne room. “You!” She cried, pointing a clawed finger at the Doctor, “This is all. Your. Fault! You’ve ruined everything!” The woman charged at the Doctor. As she did so, her hood flipped back revealing her face. She seemed to be an ordinary human until one looked at her eyes. They blazed with golden fire that flickered out with tongues of flame. Her hair, long, blonde, spilled out of her hood down the back of her cloak. She gave a battle cry and tackled the Doctor, clawing at his face with her sharpened fingernails. “Doctor!” Amy screamed. She attempted to go to the aid of her Doctor but Lily held her back, doing her father’s job for him. Rory was of course preoccupied with Sere. Amy, with a screech of frustration, allowed Lily to drag her away from the sight of the Doctor being mauled by the monster of a woman. Unbeknownst to the Williams, Sere was quietly sobbing in Rory’s arms as he ran with her, away from her father. She could feel every strike of the Wolf’s claws. And it hurt.



A face peered into the boy’s. He blinked twice, clearing the blur from his vision. He recognized the girl from her mind, but she was not the Sere he was currently connected with. Confused, he furrowed his brow, “Sere?” She nodded, “I don’t have time to explain, I have to get you out of here,” She ignored the thought in the back of her mind that told her that moving him could endanger his health. Carefully, she picked up her love and held him close to her. Seeing how easily she could carry him, she guessed he weighed around seventy pounds. If a human his age were to drop to such a weight, they would have died long ago. Thanks to his Time Lord metabolism, he was able to stay alive a bit longer. Sere turned around to see a wolf standing above her, baring his teeth at her. “Oh boy,” She muttered. The wolf sat back on his haunches and stared at her. Frowning, Sere inched backwards with the boy in her arms, “What are you doing that for? Attack me already!” She was annoyed that the great hulking beast hadn’t chosen to devour her already. The wolf bared its teeth once more, but this time it curled up the edges of his mouth into a wolfish smile, “It’s me,” Malik rumbled. Sere let out the breath she hadn’t known she’d been holding, “Oh. Sorry, all you werewolves look alike,” Malik replied with a snort, “I’m to escort you back to the blue box,”

Sere nodded, “Well, that’s good. I’ll feel a lot better heading that direction with a big ol’ killer werewolf protecting me,” She told him sarcastically. Malik did not understand the joke, nor did he ask what she meant. In fact, he hadn’t even realized she’d been joking. He’d taken the comment to be sincere, “It is my pleasure to escort you miss,” Sere sighed, regretting her words. The boy shifted in her arms and reached up to tug on a strand of her black hair with his skeletal hand, “You’re not my Sere,” He murmured, suddenly understanding why she wore a different face. Sere grinned crookedly, masking the complex whirlwind of emotions that brewed in her hearts, “Yep, I’m the next Sere. Well, the next, next, next Sere to be precise,” The boy merely stared at her with his haunting green eyes that appeared to be the largest thing on his withered body. She avoided his gaze and continued following Malik out of the almost maze-like prison. “Hey wolfy, mind if we pick up the pace?” She could detect the boy’s heartsbeats becoming slower and slower with every passing second. Malik obediently increased his lumbering walk to a brisk trot. Sere jogged to keep up, trying her hardest not to jostle the boy too badly. If they didn’t reach the TARDIS in time, the boy would die within the hour.



Rory ran alongside the inner curvature of the wall followed closely by his wife and daughter. He could just see the gates where Malik’s wolves were waiting. So close and yet so far. He wheezed for breath cursing his aging body and wishing, not for the first time, that he was like the Doctor. If only he could die and regenerate into a younger, healthier body like he could. And if Amy could too, they could live forever and be together always. It was a dream of immortality that could never be fulfilled. A dream that all humanity had touched upon at least once. Damn the Doctor and his impossibly long lifespan. He didn’t know how good he had it.

A wolf sprang in front of them. Rory skidded to a halt, clutching at Sere, praying he wouldn’t drop her. She gave a little gasp and clung to his jacket, her blue eyes wide with fear. The wolf growled at them and began to encircle them. “You’re one of the ones we’re supposed to meet yah?” He asked, spinning around to continue watching the wolf. “Dad,” Lily pointed to the iron gates. There were three bloody mounds of fur lying in puddles of blood on the walkway leading from the castle to the gates. Malik’s wolves had been murdered. The wolf that was drawing closer and closer to them bared its bloody teeth at them and snarled. Amy drew Lily close to her and held her hand tightly, “Don’t worry, the Doctor will come. He always comes,” For some reason Lily seriously doubted that.



The Doctor struggled against the inhuman strength of the woman. Blood ran like tears down his face where she had clawed at his flesh. He could feel his power ebbing away as the woman gazed at him with her hypnotic fiery eyes. “You know who I am, don’t you Doctor?”
He glanced up at her, “No, you’re not her! This isn’t you!” His boots scrabbled for purchase against the cobblestones. “Yes I am,” She hissed seductively. Her lips came dangerously close to his own, “I’m your precious flower,” She murmured. Her tongue flicked out and grazed his face, lapping at the blood there. He shivered reflexively and attempted to pull his face away from her. She dug her claws into his temples. The Doctor yelped and froze, trapped in her clutches. Finally, her lips touched his. She sucked at his mouth, gnawing at his lips with her too-sharp teeth. With a grunt of frustration, the Time Lord pulled his knees to his chest and planted his feet on her stomach. He pushed her off of him at last and rolled away, wiping at the blood on his cheek with his sleeve. Inspecting the wound with his fingers, he could feel the strips of flesh hanging from his cheekbone. Thank god she hadn’t gotten his eye. “Doctor, it’s me,” She staggered towards him, arms outstretched. She looked like some kind of possessed zombie, the Doctor’s and Sere’s blood splattered all over her white robes.

“No,” He shook his stubbornly, “I can sense that she’s not you. You killed her. You’re not Rose,”


The End

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