Malik had been rudely awakened from his sleep by a pack of humans that were wandering around the castle. He had been following them now for quite some time. To his delight, they were completely unawares. Just as he was about to kill the girl from behind, something made him pause. He drew back his hands and stopped. One man, Rory, in response to Lily who had voiced her fear, had embraced her, kissing the top of her head. The man was obviously the girl's father. It made him think of his pup so he stopped and carefully observed them. Until the man that smelled different turned around and shone a green light in his face. The group of humanoids screamed, attempting to run from him. "Wait, please, stop!" Malik cried, barking out the words. The Doctor skidded to a halt. The others continued running. Sere attempted to load her gun as she ran but she dropped the bullets. They scattered across the floor, silver pieces that glittered in the darkness. Falling to her knees, she groped about for them, praying that the monster stayed away for a few more heartsbeats. Malik attempted to show submission to the Doctor, tucking his tail between his legs and sidestepping away. Because Malik was so large, it looked rather funny for him to be doing that.

"Please, my people, they are enslaved to the mistress," He tried to explain but words failed him. The Doctor's face was illuminated by his sonic screwdriver, green shadows causing him to look haunted.

 "I understand," The Doctor told him, nodding sympathetically. Malik wasn't even sure why he was bowing down to these lowly humans. He wasn't weak - so why was he asking for help from this man? He then remembered the power the mistress possessed. He'd seen one of the best wolves in his pack burn under the gaze of her golden fire. The Doctor seemed to carry an essence about him of a great leader. Malik needed that now more than ever before. Amy, Rory, Lily and Sere had stopped running and were watching the exchange between werewolf and Time Lord with growing curiousity.

"If you help me rescue my daughter, I'll help you free your people,"

Malik dipped his head in response, "Let it be so,"



“Not even in a million years did I think I’d be following a
werewolf in a creepy castle on another planet – with the Doctor,” Lily
murmured. The bright square of her mobile’s screen bobbed up and down in the
darkness, lighting the way for the humans who couldn’t see in the dark. Malik,
the Doctor and Sere obviously didn’t have that issue. She was already irked
that her cell phone didn’t have a signal. The pitch black tunnel didn’t help
her mood any. She had figured her mobile would be useless, but in all the
stories her mum used to tell her phone worked perfectly anywhere in the
universe. “So much for that,” Lily whispered to herself. A sudden brilliance
startled her. She looked up from the bright screen of her mobile to the flame
that danced just ahead. Malik wrapped his claws around the torch bracketed to
the wall and wrenched it free. Lily gazed at it in wonder. A real torch! Not a torch, but a torch, torch, fire and all!
It was like something out of a B-rated film. The black oil dripped down the
handle, oozing into Malik’s fur. Sere stepped forward and snatched it out of
Malik’s hand. The wolf seemed bewildered by this. The Time Lady forged ahead,
the flame illuminating everything around her in a wide circle. “Come on you
lot, we haven’t got all day,” She called back to the others, her words echoing
down the dark hall. Amy shrugged and followed her into the great unknown.
Personally, Lily had felt safer with the werewolf in front of them, leading the
way and hopefully getting rid of any danger they might face. Now, the beast was
behind them. Lily couldn’t help but look back to see his fangs glittering in
the torch light.

Rory linked arms with his wife as a comforting gesture. In reality, he was the
one who needed comforting. Here he was, miles below ground in some kind of
castle-like complex with his wife and daughter. He didn’t want them to be
there, in that wolf-infested place. The Doctor had put them all in danger
again. It was a very sweet gesture on Rory’s behalf, but the Doctor ruined it
by linking his arm through Amy’s other arm. He began to sing, loudly off-key,
“We’re off to see the wizard!”


Rory frowned, jogging to keep up with the Doctor and Amy’s
crazy skipping. Why were they skipping anyway? He refused to skip.

Sere bristled, disliking the singing. It would alert them to
any creature that was lurking through the passageway. Malik shared her
irritation, his ears laid flat against his skull.

Lily, between bouts of laughter, finished the Doctor’s

“The wonderful wizard of wolf?” He grinned and looked back
at her and Malik. “Come on Toto!” He called to the giant wolf. The reference
was lost on Malik, but he understood that it was directed towards him. He
pricked his ears forward and grunted in reply


Eventually, he became accustomed to the silliness of the
humans. He even put on a wolfish smile.

Sere was the only one who did not succumb to the merriment.
She hunched her shoulders and held the torch high, looking like some sort of
strange Statue of Liberty. Her green eyes sparkled in the darkness, searching
for the monsters in the shadows.

The Doctor always had laughed in the face of danger,
sparking happiness in his companions even when death was on the doorstep. She
had learned long ago not to be happy. It was the first mistake you could make when
you were on a mission of such vital importance.

The others had so much to learn.




The wonderful wizard of wolf was neither wonderful, nor a
wizard or enchantress of any sort. Sere, perhaps, would have called her the
wicked witch of the wolves. The twins still held fast to her arms. She had
struggled against them in the beginning, but had abandoned her attempts when
they had started to bite her. The witch stepped down from her throne of twisted
iron metal and approached Sere. She held the goblet out before her, a shining
empty vessel. “Make the cut,” She ordered the twin wolves. Together, they raked
their claws down Sere’s back. She howled in pain and the wolves that watched
from the sidelines howled with her. The woman handed the silver cup to one twin
who caught the flow of blood with it from Sere’s flesh. The lady clothed in
white leaned down and pressed her lips to Sere’s ear, “Now I become death –
destroyer of worlds,” Sere shuddered as a few blonde strands of the woman’s
hair tickled her cheek. The witch stood and retrieved the goblet. To Sere’s
horror, she pressed it to her mouth and drank the Time Lady’s blood. When the
cup was dry, the woman threw it aside. Her mouth and neck were painted red with
it. Sere could feel the sting of the cuts on her back. The wolves took turns
lapping the blood up from the floor.

Sere couldn’t comprehend the reason for the woman to drink
her blood. She wouldn’t gain anything from it except maybe a stomachache later.
There was something going on that Sere couldn’t see and it was driving her mad.

The woman returned to her iron throne, whirling to face
Sere. Just as she was about to sit, something happened - something that in any
other situation would have been impossible.

Someone shouted, “Oi! Wolf lady!” A girl with long black hair stood to the
left of the throne holding a very large gun that looked suspiciously like a
bazooka. The woman turned just as a huge explosion knocked her backwards. She
flew across the room and crashed through one of the stained glass windows, disappearing
from view.

When the smoke finally cleared, Sere lifted her head from
the stone floor to see the girl drop the burning hot gun to the floor. “Courtesy
of the Doctor,” She called in the general direction of the shattered stained
glass window. A familiar shape materialized at the corner of Sere’s hazy
vision. The only thing she could focus on was his bowtie. Reaching out, she
held on to the corner of it and looked up into her dad’s face.  He looked terribly worried.

“Hold on Sere. Please, hold on,”

She smiled and closed her eyes.

The darkness welcomed her into its warm embrace.

The End

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