De Mures et ViriMature

Mir the mouse scuttled across the pavement, his little claws tip tapping a staccato rhythm. He could sense Nadine’s presence watching him from the rooftop, her orange body aglow in the moonlight. Mumbling to himself, the mouse tiptoed his way around a rotten apple balanced in a crack on the asphalt. He hated having to do scout work, pretending to be an ordinary mouse. Finally he reached the two humanoids tangled in each others arms, covered in a raggedy crimson blanket. They didn’t seem very threatening but Mir could smell the temporal energy on them, feel the heat of radiation coming off their skin in overwhelming waves. He sent a mental confirmation to Nadine who swiftly vanished from her perch on the roof of the building. Mir sat on his haunches and stared at the massive teenage humanoids, sleeping soundly. He hoped that Lucy would go easy on them. Somehow, he doubted that she would.


The Doctor twirled around the console slamming levers and spinning dials. He was extremely angry and River’s presence in the TARDIS wasn’t helping his mood at all for once. The reason being that River was somewhat afraid of him at that moment. Her mad man in a box had become a psychopath killer in a box. She stood with her arms crossed leaning against the railing watching him curse at the TARDIS and kick at the base of the console.

“Move faster you pathetic excuse for a Type 40!” He howled slamming his fist against the central column.

The TARDIS let out a little groan of pain that rattled the walls. River gripped the railing behind her afraid they’d fall right out of the vortex and into the void. “Sweetie, please! Could you stop shouting for five minutes?”

Oblivious to River’s request, the Doctor continued his attack on the TARDIS muttering colorful words. The TARDIS had quite enough when he called her a great big blue bitch. The lights shut off all at once and River felt the awful feeling of weightlessness in the pit of her stomach. Her feet lifted off the floor. The only thing anchoring her to anything was the railing which she held on to for dear life. The Doctor’s shouting had ceased.

His whispers floated across to her in the darkness. “River?” He sounded like a little lost boy and her hearts panged for his grief.

“Oh sweetie,” She murmured, reaching out a hand in the direction of his voice.

She found his face and touched his cheek, caressing. The lights snapped back on suddenly. The cloister bell began to toll loudly.

“Oh. I see,” The Doctor muttered, watching as his untied shoelace drifted up around his shoe and into the air.

He was pedaling the air with his feet, clinging to a red lever on the console. River flung out her arms to him, knocking him off balance. They hung there for a moment, suspended, before the cloister bell shut off and gravity returned. They collapsed in a heap on the floor, a tangle of limbs. Doctor buried his face into her curly blonde hair murmuring apologies and sweet nothings. They stayed there for who knows how long on the glass floor, afraid that if they let go of one another they’d float away.

The TARDIS made a little sing-song noise, voicing her approval. Unbeknownst to the Time Lords, the dials and switches turned on their own and the blue box flew on into the ether, the light on top flashing in time to the beats of the Doctor’s hearts.


Sere opened her eyes slowly, sensing the presence of a sentient mind. She was surprised to see a little mouse peering into her face, its whiskers twitching. Laughing at her silly mistake, she turned her head and nuzzled her face into Tad’s neck.

He jumped a bit, awoken by her sudden movement. “And good morning to you too,” He muttered, stroking his fingers through her hair.

She laughed again and pressed her self closer to him, “Taddeo,” She murmured his name, accentuating every syllable.

A chill went through Tad, an electrifying shock that left him breathless. She was toying with his mind again like a cat with a ball of string. It always surprised him how easy she could activate the endorphins in his brain and leave him senseless, lost in his own bliss. He couldn’t believe he was holding such a beautiful girl in his arms. He’d always dreamed of touching her just beyond the glass in her own tank, a pale beauty floating ethereally in the water. Now, she was vibrant and filled with color just as he was - a dream come true.

The realization of their surroundings set in and his dream came crashing down around him, shards of broken glass. They were wrapped in a moth-eaten blanket lying on scraps of newspaper in an alleyway that smelled faintly of garbage.

“Taddeo?” Sere cupped his face in her hands, studying his expression.

He could feel her probing the edge of his mind, searching for possible damage. He opened up to her and let her know how he was feeling. Her face crumpled with worry and she began to kiss him. Suddenly, the alley disappeared. They were floating in the inky blackness of space, the only two sentient beings in the world. The warm feeling of her mouth on his, oh, it was heaven.

“Not that I’m not enjoying the show,”

Tad pulled away from Sere and looked up to see a strange girl standing over them, a smirk on her face. There was a distinct air of unearthliness about her that set Tad on guard. Her voice was far too deep and rich for a woman’s. The girl’s skin was stained an orange color as well, a fashion statement that wouldn’t appear on earth for quite a number of years. Something was terribly wrong.

“But are you two going to play kissy-face to one another all day?”

Sere craned her neck around to study the intruder. There was something about her facial features that weren’t quite right.

“Because I have a tight schedule to keep, you see, and both of you are wasting my time,”

Sere finally located the problem. She had been momentarily hypnotized by her strange tangerine eyes but now she could see that she appeared to have no mouth. So how was she speaking? Tad gripped Sere tighter, wondering if the stranger would slaughter them both. They had come to fear strangers due to their past history. A small white thing crawled its way onto the girl’s shoulder. It raised a paw to its mouth and the girl made a sound like she was clearing her throat.

“You two are terribly thick aren’t you?” It cried in the girl’s voice.

But it wasn’t the girl’s voice, because she didn’t even have a mouth. Tad’s mouth formed into an ‘o’ shape. He had been confused at the mixed presence he had sensed. The girl was merely a golem for the mouse-like creature that now perched on her shoulder. He doubted that the girl even had a mind of her own. Sere looked from the mouse to the orange girl and back again. There was something chilling about the way the girl and the mouse stared at them, blinking and breathing in unison. The mouse grinned to reveal razor sharp teeth that looked far too large for its tiny skull.

“You will come with us now children,”

The End

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