Tempore Domina II: Amor MortemMature

Sequel to Tempore Domina

Sere rounded the corner as fast as she could, pin wheeling her arms so she wouldn’t fall over.

“Tad I see it!” She screeched, running across the pavement.

Behind her, she could hear her boyfriend’s labored breathing as he attempted to catch up with her. Just above a row of neatly trimmed hedges, she could see the flashing light of the TARDIS. A loud grinding noise filled the air – he had to quit leaving the parking brake on!

“Hurry Tad, we aren’t going to make it!” She hollered over her shoulder.

Tad was already giving up. It was pointless, trying to go back to all the places they’d been in this timeline. They’d run into themselves, cause a major paradox and neither of them would ever hear the end of it from the Doctor. That is, if they didn’t die from it first. Sere was slowing down. She couldn’t run much longer, her thighs were burning from it. She cursed herself for wandering away from the Doctor with Tad and ending up getting lost – for four days. Already she was getting soft from not running-away-from-aliens-twenty-four-hours-a-day constantly. It was all her fault really. She’d seduced him into coming with her and running away for a bit. She was becoming too much like her father with the running away. Usually the Doctor waited for them to come back, but for some reason the TARDIS had vanished from the spot it had been at when the returned. Now, Sere had managed to track it down here in the middle of suburban London via the Torchwood network. Conveniently, they were now being chased by Torchwood operatives, angry that someone had managed to hack into their system. Thank god for superhuman Time Lord abilities. Sere leapt nimbly over the hedges just as the police box blinked out of existence.

“Oh for the love of god,” She gasped, hands on her knees.

Tad scrambled over the fence of shrubs and landed in a heap on the other side.

“We missed him again didn’t we?” Tad groaned, standing to swipe at the dirt that now covered his jeans.

Sere nodded, breathless, “Yep. We’re back to square one,”



The Doctor leaned on the console, watching the dials spin in front of him. It had been almost a week since he’d lost them. He forced himself to take in a deep stuttering breath, feeling the sobs catch in his throat. When he had found Sere’s favorite denim jacket covered in blood he had realized she had met her untimely fate. He was assured of this when the beam of his sonic screwdriver fell on a time-hound (a terrible hairless thing with a huge neck and teeth the size of kitchen knives) chomping down on what appeared to be a humanoid arm, the fingers neatly severed from the hand. The blood coated the whole apartment, floor to ceiling. The Doctor inflicted his rage upon the heartless somewhat sentient creature adding a strange turquoise blood to the mix. No one was ever lost to that particular beast ever again. At that very moment, a particular detective was investigating the scene. The Doctor had no knowledge of this, of course, nor did he particularly care. All he wanted to do was lay down and die like his daughter had. There was no telling what happened to Tad, but judging by the sheer amount of blood he guessed that he had been devoured as well. It was always the monsters in the end that came for the ones he loved. But why did it have to be the ones that made their victims a gory mess? Usually it was the ones that always trailed the Doctor – the Daleks, Cybermen, etc. Instead a slavering beast destroyed his Time Children. A shudder passed through the Doctor’s body as old memories of children from such a long time ago were dredged up. His rage continued and the universe began to burn.



“Lucy, we’ve got a mysteriously dead time-hound and two newbies wandering around. Which one you want to check out first?”

Lucy peered over U’s shoulder at the computer screen. She blew a huge bubble from her hot pink bubble gum. It popped loudly causing several technicians to jump. Those that couldn’t jump due to their physical anatomy made screeching and squawking noises or clicked their mandibles.

“Well if the hound’s dead then it’s no concern of ours. Where’s the location of the newbies?”

She asked tapping a black fingernail at the entry reading [POSSIBLE TIME TRAVELERS]. Rainbow ripples spread out across the gel screen. U slapped her hand away absently and tapped into the keyboard a command. A report came up listing coordinates to the foreigners’ location.

U rattled off the numbers, “They appear to be near a recent temporal flux,”

Lucy nodded sharply once and turned away from the computer. She whistled three times in three different keys. A fellow who looked vaguely like a lobster raised his head from his computer screen and responded to her prompt with a series of clicks – one, two, three. A human with orange skin and no mouth stood, saluted, and picked up a small mouse-like creature from her desk which she balanced in her palm.

The mouse opened its mouth and spoke, “Nadine and I are ready to go ma’am,”

Lucy gave another sharp nod, “Put a pot on the kettle for me, I’ll be back for a cuppa,” She told U, sliding into a leather bomber jacket.

“My pleasure, ma’am.” U muttered.

He hated having to make tea for her. Couldn’t she make her own damn tea?



Sere settled down on her makeshift bed of newspaper beside Tad, wrapping them both in a tattered red blanket.

“Snug as two bedbugs,” She commented.

Tad nodded sleepily, snuggling closer to Sere. She smiled and wrapped her arms around him.

Tad laid his head on her chest and sighed, “What I’d do for a mattress,” He mumbled, nuzzling the bare skin of her neck.

She kissed the top of his head, “Don’t worry, we’ll find dad and get out of here soon enough,” Her voice cracked, betraying her doubt.

Tad moved his head towards her lips, brushing them with his own, “I think we both know that’s not going to happen,”

Sere gripped him tighter as a dog somewhere began to howl, “If we have no hope, then we have nothing,”

The End

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