[Temporary title:] Terrestrial Angels, Celestial Demons[: suggestions please!]

Prologue/ The excerpt on the blurb, not sure which.

"Leave. Me. ALONE!" I shout at the dark figure in front of me. He has no face but somehow, I don't now how, but I know he's smiling. The 

"Give it up, Celeste. It's over." His voice is soft and gentle, and I want to obey him but I can't, I mustn't. I pick the necessary symbols for a light attack out of the swirling stream of Spirit that flows through every magical being.

"NO!" I scream, releasing the spell with all the power I can. It bounces off the dark spherical shield that I didn't notice before. The beam ricocheted off walls unseen in the darkness. I saw it speeding towards me. Then I saw nothing more.

The End

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