More than a WhoreMature

My real name is not Carmelita, and my real job is not a fight club ring girl. I don't casually sleep with just any dosed up, knuckle headed cagefighter, though I can't say the sex was bad in this case. When I'd said that I'd look forward to meeting him again I hadn't quite flat out lied... Maybe I even liked the guy a little, despite our only liason being a night of vivid, HEAT enhanced sex. Then again, he's not the first guy I've "liked a little" and he was different. I had his wallet.

It was just before dawn. I took a shot as I trotted along the sidewalk, the glowing streetlamps flushing momentarily as my eyes readjusted to the drug. I opened the wallet and rifled through the contents. A few hundred dollars, a couple of credit chips and an e-bank card, a picture of himself which I found rather odd (I didn't have him down as the narcissistic type) and an ID card. I tossed the credit chips into an electrics recycling bin. They could be tracked by GPS and I'd never get any money out of them without the passkey anyway. The e-bank card I could probably have used to pull a little iDentity fraud on the Apple network, but I that wasn't part of the plan so I tossed that too. I pocketed the cash. Good quality HEAT costs money and you can never have enough spare vials of the stuff. What I was really interested in was the ID card. Travis Shioda, Pacific Pharmaceuticals Incorporated. Bingo. I tucked the card into my inside pocket and finally dropped the wallet into another bin and walked on. 

Sirens wailed as a couple of squad cars whizzed by me. I kept my head down  and took a turning off the main. Cops these days tended to make random stops to check for fake HEAT dealers and substitute compounds. I wasn't carrying any SubCom material but being found with the ID card would be fatal to the plan. I bowed my head and kept walking down the sidestreet, hoping my ride would be here soon. I took a shot for good measure.

"Hey, Young Lady, you wanna feel a high like you've never felt before?"

I started a little but showed no reaction as the dealer emerged smiling from an alleyway. His remaining teeth were yellowed and I noticed a cancerous ulcer on his tongue as he licked his lips. Spittle flecks ran down his chip as he lisped.

"You've never seen stuff like this before,  not that normal SubCom trash. Here take a look."

He was blocking my way, and crossing to the other side of the road now would only serve to anger him. Best just to play along. He drew a box from inside his coat and popped the lid. It was full of vials of compounds in all sorts of colours, some of them were luminescent to the extent of outshining the occasional flickering of the neon signs on the walls. I pulled out one of my syringes.

"Sorry, I've got my own." He didn't budge.

"This is much better than that stuff. Lookie here, all my compounds have higher intensity and longer life than anything you can get anywhere else. Why don't you try the Aqua? It's especially good for discerning young women like yourself, or perhaps the Scarlet mix for a sharper high?"

He advanced towards me with the needles in his hands, all the time smiling that grotesque smile and licking his lips with that cancerous tongue. I knew those syringes probably didn't contain any HEAT type drug at all, but more likely a mixture of hormonal stimulants and sedatives with sparkly food colouring. In essence, he was trying to date rape me.

"Look, sir, I really don't need anything you have to offer, besides I have no money to buy it from you..." I bluffed, trying to disarm him with a combination of politeness and submissive body language, I hunched my shoulders away from him and stuck my hands into my pockets.

"Come on now Missy, don't you wanna at least try? Come on!" He approached more aggressively and raised his hand to jam the needle into my neck, the liquid inside glowing a sickly blood red. I blocked him with my arms, so glad I'd taken that extra shot. He was heavy and shoved me back against the wall, pushing his filthy face close to mine as he forced the syringe closer towards my neck while I resisted. Close to, I saw flecks of dirt and dried blood from the ulcer on his unshaven face. His breath made me want to gag, not only that but the rest of him stank of a revolting mixture of excrement and sweat. He pushed closer to me again, the needle now only inches from my neck as I fought to hold it back. His eyes bulged and his breathing became fervent and shallow. I could feel him rubbing against my leg and retched a little.

"I'm gonna fuck you! I'm gonna fuck you and gut you!"

I spat in his face. In the moment he blinked I twisted the syringe out of his grip and stabbed it into his leg. He howled in pain and threw a vicious punch into my body. It struck my breast and I gasped in acute, HEAT enhanced pain, dropping to my knees in front of him. Fear and adrenaline driving me, I punched him in the balls as hard as I could and he squealed like a pig and crumpled. Serve the bastard right. I struggled to my feet and ran. The man tried to give chase but his own drug which I'd injected into him was starting to take effect and in moments he had gone from semi conscious to comatose.

I rounded the corner and a small unmarked car pulled up next to me. The passenger door popped open. "Get in." I got in.

The driver was a youth, dressed all in black, his face masked by a balaclava.

"I been looking all over for you, you weren't at the meeting place."

"I know, I ran into some trouble with a dealer. Tried to dose me with sedative and get his thing in me. I almost threw up on him."

"You should've just shot him, saved yourself the trouble.You're not cut out for fighting."

I drew my pistol from my pocket and cradled it in both hands, comforted by the weight of the cold metal. "I can't just shoot people, you know that, it would've woken up the whole neighbourhood. Though speaking of shooting people, how're the others doing?"

"They should be finishing up soon unless they run into complications. We'll meet them later."

I sighed in relief. "Good. Hopefully nothing else will go wrong." The whole ordeal with the dealer had shaken me. I was suddenly more aware that I was only wearing my bra under my jacket. I folded my arms over my chest and squeezed my gun a little. Sleeping with Travis Shioda seemed more like an age rather than mere hours ago. I took a shot as the car sped into the approaching dawn.

The End

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