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I don't know yet.

 His name was Kristopher.  I didn't know anything about him, who he was, or where he was from.  His tan hair hugged his head in tight curls.  Through his white shirt I could see a tattoo; a thick black band that wrapped his upper arm following the contours of his muscles.  They were large, his muscles that is, and filled his shirt quite nicely.  Every seperation defined to perfection.  I couldn't help but notice every girl in the class drooling over him.  He wasn't new to the school, but definately new to the class.  Someone like him wouldn't have gone unnoticed this long.  Especially not in my school.  Last year SHS was an all-girl school.  They just started letting boys in this year and surprisingly enough, only around 20 guys enrolled.  An all-girl uniformed school doesn't usually sound that appealing to the average guy.  Sure you have the few that think "Hundreds of girls?  Sign me up!"  But then there are the other millions that would rather stay away from that much estrogen.  I guess it's just one of those things.

So as I was sitting there trying not to be amazed by this gorgeous animal...did I just say that?  Anyway, he decides to sit in the chair next to me.  There are at least ten other open chairs, a few open tables even, but he sits next to me. 

"Hi, I'm Kristopher."  He smiles and nods.  His soft features adjust themselves to each other.  I notice how white and unrealistically perfect his teeth are.  He's probably one of the few Americans that actually go to the dentist on a regular basis.  He probably uses Crest White Strips.  He probably just went to the dentist not too long ago.  Now his perfection is making me self conscious.  I start to smile but remember I just ate.  Maybe there's some of the cafeteria's famous fried sausage stuck in my teeth.  Then how stupid would I look?  I smile making a conscious effort not to show my teeth.  Now I just feel awkward and slightly sick.  I turn my head back to the board realizing I'd missed a few minutes of the lesson.  Random words and squiggles were written on the board.  By the number of letters on the board you'd think I was in English not Physics.

Air resistance.  One of the more complicated formulas related to force diagrams and how things move.  Another glance around the room revealed I wasn't the only one not paying attention.  My ex-best friend Sam sitting across the room was fast asleep sitting straight up in her seat.  An unexpected smack on her desk with a meter stick woke her right up...for about three minutes.  Everyone except for Kristopher was waiting for the bell to ring.  He was the new thing in class.  He was the only guy in class.  And considering most of the girls at SHS weren't there by choice, they were pretty desperate to have some male interaction.  Some girls were undoubtedly ready for much more than just talking.  I knew of at least six girls in my class that were there because they got pregnant and their parents couldn't handle them.

Now that I've pretty much trashed seventy five percent of my school, you'd probably love to hear why I'm here.  Well, I'm a  Navy brat.   SHS accompanies students with special circumstances.  Only around 10 percent of it's student's board right on campus.  Aparently they figure being the only person in your family left in normal life a special circumstance.  My dad, mom, aunts, uncles, everyone alive that could possibly take care of me, they're all in the military in some way.  When I was little I could travel with them.  When I started school I stayed with my grandparents.  But a few years ago they passed away, and I've been here since.

After class Kristopher stayed to talk to me.  I was planning on avoinding the conversation, but I figured if he took the time to sit next to me I should give him the time of day.

"So, what's your name?"  He asked.  He didn't sound the least bit interested but his face said otherwise.


He smiled, almost laughing.  His teeth nearly blinded me, "Right, and my dad's name is Blue."

"If you're going to make fun of my name I'm going to leave."  I started to walk away. 

His hand on my arm stopped me, "Wait.  I'm sorry.  Is that really your name?"

"No, it's Isabella.  But everyone thinks my parents named me after that vampire girl so, I changed it." 

"It was published in 2005.  It's 2020, so i guess you're the right age for them to name you that."

"Yeah, but my parents were in the Navy on leave in 2005 just long enough to...make...me.  They'd never heard of the books.  And the series wasn't really popular until 2009.  I was four in 2009.  And completely seperate from that, I was named after my grandmother."

"Well.  You'll have no problem with me thinking you were named after that vampire chick.  However, if you ever meet anyone cold and with black eyes, stay away from him.  Go for the tan guys with the tattoos."  Once again he flashed his smile, lifted his sleeve and showed me his tattoo.

"You're not that tan."  I smiled.  This time completely.  I'd forgotten to be self conscious.

"Who said I was talking about myself?"

Now I'm completely speechless, and just awkwardly staring at his eyes.  I couldn't help but notice how dull they were.  You'd think a boy as handsome as he was and buff, and with such a great personality...would have eyes that just shine.  But I could see the pain in them.  I could see the real emotion behind his fascade. 

In my next class I completely forgot about him.  Kristopher didn't really make that big of an impression on me, atleast I tried to make it seem like he didn't.  I didn't want to be like all the other girls in my school.  I didn't want to be like the girl that fell for the new guy at school, and became the laughing stock of the school when he broke her heart.  I wasn't that girl, and I didn't want to become her.

My last class of the day, just as I had breathed a sigh of relief that Kristopher was only in one of my classes, who walks through the door ten minutes late but...you guessed it, Kristopher.  The teacher of my spanish class, Mrs...sorry, Sra. Meklin, made the biggest deal that he was late.

"You must be Mr. Aiden.  Can you tell me why you're late?"  She stood with her hands on her hips and like any other teacher straight out of a movie, let her glasses slide to the tip of her nose.  Her small stature, yet round presense, made her look like a librarian.

"I was..."  He stuttered.  I'd never seen him so nervous.  From my seat I could see him shake; Superman had found his cryptonite and her secret code was Spanish.

"Never mind; I don't want to hear it.  Just sit there next to Isabella."

"It's Greene,"  He started to mutter, but he was met with a glare that could kill.  Automatically he slid into his desk, took out a notebook, and began writing every word Sra. Meklin said. 

"Sra. Meklin,"  I spoke up, "Kristopher is right.  I'd appreciate it if you'd call me by my chosen name, Greene, not my birth name."

"Isabella, you're a child.  You don't get to choose anything.  You answer to what you're called and you get over it."

"And if I refuse to answer to my birth name?"

"Well, then if you're not Isabella, why are you in my class?"  She sat down at her computer.  I could see her deliberately mark me absent.  One more absense and I'd loose credit for the semester.  That was the last thing I needed.  I already had the school riding my butt to improve my grades or they'd "reconsider" letting me live on campus.  But at this moment, I wouldn't really mind that.  Then again, I don't always think before I act.

"I guess I don't need to be here then do I?"  I stood up and made my way toward the door.  Just as I opened the door to walk out I heard Kristopher behind me.

"Yeah."  He followed my path to the door.

"Kristopher, what are you doing?"  I whispered.

"I'm coming with you.  I don't like this class."

"It's high school, you're not supposed to like any of your classes.  Now go back and sit down before you do something you'll regret.  You could get suspended for walking out of a class."

"The only thing I'll regret is if I go back and sit down in my seat.  I need to leave."  He pushed himself by me and pulled my arm for me to follow him.  The door was left open.

The End

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