The Creatures

My species came back for me before I could finish 8th grade. The day that they had arrived had been a mass of confusion and despair. 

"Elias! Elias, Lord of our kind! Come back to us," they cried out, roaming the streets in black hooded robes. Their faces were simply shadows, their eyes glowing. Mortals just walked by them, not seeming to notice them. 

I was walking down the streets when I ran into one of them.

"Elias!" It gasped, touching my arm with claw-like fingers. Its hand was shaking badly. "Oh, Elias. We've been looking for you, Lord. It's time that you return to the place where you truly belong." 

"Lord? I'm not---" I cut myself off.

The creatures surrounded me, staring at me with a look of great respect. 

One of them was taller than the rest, its robe black with a pattern of gray flames on it and his eyes a deep, bloody looking red. 

"You must come with us," the taller one begged. "You must come back to your true home. We need you, Lord."

"I can't just leave my mother," I said, my mind full of my memories with her. She had raised me as a single mother- our father left us when I was five. "She needs me. I can't leave her alone."

"Oh, Lord Elias. So caring, so brave," one of the black-hooded creatures called. The others nodded in agreement.

"Your father is not as far away as you think," the taller one stated. "Come with us, Lord, and you will be able to see him."

Suddenly, the taller one put one claw-fingered hand up and pulled down his hood. I choked back a gasp of surprise to see that the thing under it was a beautiful blonde haired woman that looked to be in her thirties or forties.

"We have your mother's permission to take you with us," she said. "She's known since you were born that she'd have to give you back to us someday."

"But I---" 

I never got to finish my sentence. A cloud of green smoke exploded around me and the creatures and suddenly the world seemed to be doing cartwheels.

The End

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