The Prologue

After a vacation gone wrong with their father, two children arrive on a strange island and fight for survival.
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Two teenagers sat together on the floor of a dark room. The younger of the two, a girl with dark brown hair, was pale with fear. The older one, a boy with jet black hair, was trying to keep her calm. The only light source was the television, which was playing the news.

"Two years ago, a family under the last name of Astor went missing," the reporter was saying. "Nobody had seen the father or his two children since they left on a private plane to their vacationing spot."

A picture was shown in the corner of the screen of two children, a girl that looked around thirteen and a boy that looked only a year or two older. An older man with black hair stood behind them, smiling.

"However, a few days ago, a body washed up on a beach in Florida. Scientists have tested the body and decided that this is in fact the missing father."

A picture of a broken body on a beach replaced the family photo in the corner and the girl burst into tears.

"So he's," her voice broke as she sobbed. "He's really dead."

"It's rare for people to survive plane crashes, Sofie," the boy told her as he hugged her. The grim expression on his face made him look older than he really was.

"Then how did-," another sob interrupted her. "-how did we do it?"

The End

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