Past Accidents

Elias, a fourteen year old boy, finds out that he's invincible. At least, in the mortal world he is. He doesn't have such luck in the world of his own kind.

I remember one of my accidents. I had been crossing the road to go to school- I was in 8th grade at the time. A car came around the corner and hurtled towards me, probably going at around 90 miles per hour. I didn't have time to run out of the way.

It hit me with enough force to knock me flat to the ground. A mortal would've been dead by now, or at least badly injured. But I was fine; I hadn't even been bruised. Instead of lying on the ground like anyone else would've, I got up and walked the rest of the way across the road. 

Back then, I thought that it might have just been lucky. I know better than that now, though; it wasn't just a lucky thing at all.

A car couldn't hurt me.

Nothing in this world could.

The accident with the car caused me to think back on a lot of things. Past events that had been similar to this, mostly.

When I was four, my cousin threw a basketball and hit me in the face by accident. My glasses had cracked and the ball had hit my face, but I didn't get hurt. Not even any pain. I didn't have the brain capacity to think much of it at the time.

Now I know better; I can't be hurt by anything. At least, not in the mortal world. To them, I was invincible. 

That's not true, though. I can be hurt. Just not by anything made by mortals. I'm too precious to my kind to be killed by them so easily. 

The End

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