Making His Day

It was a simple thing that I did, that is, to someone who did not know how I felt.  I loved listening to him teach, which he also seemed to love to do.  During sparring, he would give out tips.  He was amazing at sparring, of many things, and so of course everything he said worked.  I began to write down those tips, and at the end of the class I told him what I was doing and asked for more tips to include.  Then, he told me with a huge smile on his face, "You just made my day."  

Like a crazed fan-girl who had just met her favourite celebrity and had just been told, "It's nice to meet you," I began to squeal, only instead of out loud I continued to do so inside my head as he gave me more tips. 

I realized something incredibly important and life-changing the moment I got home...I had homework to do, but as I was working I was also messaging with a friend of mine...and she helped me realize this...

The End

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