Nightmares/Dreams chapter 2

      Dreams can say a lot of things, it can warn you about the future, or it can be meaningless, but nightmares on the other hand, are completely different meaning that I don't even know of. A recent nightmare of mine I had about four days ago scared me half to death.

      My mind was blank for a moment, and then almost immediately, I felt myself running fairly quickly on a sidewalk, the small black street to my right, and a series of tall oak trees to my left. I realized I was running uphill, not really steep, but still noticeably uphill. I looked up at the sky to see light gray clouds scattered around, but the sky wasn't blue, it was a faded looking maroon red. I had a terrible gut feeling, although red was my favorite color, it looked eerily beautiful with the shining silver full moon dangling in the middle of the sky, surrounded by a few gray clouds. I wanted to stop running, but couldn't. My legs felt sore, and I looked down, I wasn't wearing any shoes, and so my bare feet kept pattering against the rough sidewalk.

      I could hear black crows cawing form behind me, most of them flying up ahead of me towards the moon that moved to face me from far away. My ears rang as I heard the constant flapping of the wings, and some of the feathers fell around me as I kept pacing, feeling exhausted, but couldn't stop as I chased the moon. Reaching out, I tried to desperated grab it, it looked like the crows were mocking me with their caws and I soon fell into depression as I kept running for what seemed to be hours, and days.

      That was when I woke up in the middle of the night, finding a cawing crow pecking at my window and staring at me with curious black eyes. I wiped the cold sweat away from my forehead and threw my thick blankets off, eyes widening to see my legs covered in bruises. This is what really happened, and it seriously scared me, after that dream, I had a hard time going to sleep. Thanks for listening or reading! :)

The End

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