Her lips were slipping down to Seb's neck as he fingered the inside of her shirt, groaning and undoing the clasps that held her in.  He heard the phone ring, but he was much too excited (as the bulge in his pants indicated) to even stop for a moment.  Her breathing picked up as she was released, her breasts grinding against her t-shirt and wishing to be let out of that, too.  He grinned as he pulled it up and over her head, when he heard the beep of the answering machine pick up.  

"Seb." It was Mark's voice.  He sounded strained, but when didn't he?  Seb just kept on going, pushing the girl against the wall and kissing her roughly, her soft hands tangling in his hair.  "It's Mark." No duh, moron, Seb thought as he prodded the girl's hands to his hips, begging her to pull the waistband down and release him as he so courteously did for her.   "Jennifer's dead."  Suddenly, Seb's mouth went dry and eyes glazed over.  He was no longer in his apartment, psyched about being about to get laid by the fox from upstairs...he was suddenly at his parents' house when he was a kid, sitting on a swing between Mark and Jennifer.  They must've been about seven years old...he looked at her smiling face, and memory lane twisted and turned like an old abandoned road that veered off to nowhere.  Craters formed and exploded her face, cracking away to a skeleton, maggots crawling in and out of her eyes and into her nasal cavity.  The odd part was, her childish smile was still across her teeth.  "I'm heading for the safehouse." Mark was a coward, Seb thought as he pushed the girl off of him.  

"What the hell?" she demanded, her breasts bouncing as she stuck her hip to the side and planted her hips on them.  

"My best friend's girl just died," he explained quickly, thinking of the relationship he had with Jennifer.  After their little...erm...spat, he didn't know what to call her other than that.  "I gotta go see him."  The look on her face was still angry and puzzled, so he added, "You're welcome to come if you want."  There, that made her smile.  She pulled her bra and shirt back on and gave his bulge a tiny pat.

"Then, could we maybe..." She wiggled her eyebrows with a cheeky grin. 

"Maybe," Seb replied, but he wasn't very confident. 

The End

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