Televison series plots

Coming up with television series ideas.


The story of hookers in Vancouver, and nurses that come and check on them. Starts at a "Princess's " funeral.  She of course died of an overdose. Ana a nurse tries to use the event to convince others to come clean but effort proves fruitless.  Through whole season we see Ana trying to internalize everything and not become burnt out. She takes a special interest in another Hispanic girl Giselle. She lets Giselle into her heart and home. In the season finale we see Giselle case the place and give the location of her valuables. Ana breaks down as her trust is violated and her dead mother's jewellery is stolen. Ana weeps in front of Giselle. Giselle later breaks into her car. Police say it's someone she knows. Ana figures out pretty fast it was Giselle, she doesn't say a thing she just goes up to Giselle and tears off her sweet sixteen necklace off and lets it drop to the floor and walks away. Giselle says it was the one of the few times her father was around.


Muffin top

Two 16 year old remain a friendship even though one is popular and prissy and the other insists on wearing things like bowling shoes and glasses with out frames. They grew up together and their parents are close friends. They get a lot of flack for their morning conversations over cigarettes. Things get a bit more complicated after the prissy girls bf gets another girl pregnant and she decides to stand by her man who is tentatively is standing by his baby momma. He later with the pressure of his real momma decides to spend more time with his baby momma. And it seems like a battle between the women. Prissy girl punches pregnant girl in the face and later realizes its not her or him she's angry with.  Meanwhile the other girl is tired of being everyones sounding board and giving advice no one is taking anyway. She starts trying to take her own advice and stop just sitting their living through other people. She tries to find a guy she actually is attracted to, join roller derby, work at a used clothing store and continue to read erotica in English class. She quickly realizes she sucks at roller derby, the one man she is attracted to is a man considering becoming female and no one cares what she reads or wears. In the end she decides to keep up with the roller derby if only to work  through  her anger.  She decides to see what her beau looks like dressed up as a woman, kisses him and then steps back.   She mulls it over and decides its not entirely unlikeable. Later she goes to derby end of season party where she kisses one of her lesbian teammates and they end up making out in this corner surrounded by filthy ash trays.

Dry County

Lana gets arrested for public intoxication and for possibly or not getting oral sex from an intern in Dubai. She is jailed for sixteen months but is let out early do to public pressure by her Boisterous mother. Lana is fired for her misbehaviour and decides to move to a dry county to sober up.  She goes back to her old job hair dressing and selling avon for income. In her spare time she writes a self indulgent blog alluding that she may have gotten bad oral sex and trying to get laid by some one worth sleeping with. During the day she cuts hair and gets her customers to admit the most intimate and often inane  details of their lives. She quickly becomes "The Samantha". Her bluntness gets her into troublemore than once. She means well when she's not blackmailing her customers to by Avon products or plainly just blackmailing.

The End

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