teenage wastland



We see all the elements of the first day of school.

The students carry new books, explore new lockers,

Begin to stake out their ground.

Alex steppes off the bus and into the sun not paying attention to anything around him. Alex was planning the practice schedule for the football team and was lost in his thoughts. Alex had his head down reading some papers when he walked into something hard, he dropped and all his papers and looked up. He was met with fire red hair and big blue eyes


Watch where you're going, freak.

Casey Hawk, arguably the most beautiful girl in school, and the meanest.


Sorry, Casey,

Was all Alex could mutter as he bent down to pick up his papers? She laughs at him loudly as her and her friends sauntered away.


Sawyer and Lydia move around outside school...


So I am watching titanic for the 100 time and I am expecting Leo to survive and every single time he dies I just want to jump in to the television and kill Kate Winslet, because she tells him I will never let you go then she lets him go I have to stop watching that movie so much and that’s why I am only watching the notebook for the next month it least Ryan gosling don’t died in that one, So do you have time tonight?

Lydia wasn't listening to Sawyer, because at that moment she saw the green Jeep Wrangler park just a few spaces down from them. The twin boys stepped out of the car and their radio was on and playing was foster the peoples pumped up kicks as they made their way inside the school through the gym doors.


Hello! Earth to Lydia.

The End

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