teenage wastland

Beverly Hills 90210 meets Footloose.





The characters.

Dylan: he’s the definition of high school bad boy good looking and arrogant but deep inside he’s good kid. Liam life is all about rock roll girls and cars. He lives with he’s parent’s and twin brother Jude, he is best friend with sawyer and Johnny and of course he’s Brother Jude and says that he only plays football for the cheerleaders.

Alex: he is good looking but in geeky way. He is very droll and dry survives by way of he’s sense of humor and quick comebacks even though he is very corky he is very the lovable guy that everybody knows and loves.

Johnny: The angry victim and the rebellion. At 16 he is

Filled with confusion about his role in life. Because the death of he’s mother he blames the world all of he’s problems, he anticipates destruction in all women. And yet he wants to find a girl who will be willing to receive his tenderness. The only women in he’s live are jenny. He doesn’t get along with he’s father. He hates people its just that easy for him, I don’t know you don’t talk to me but he loves cars and motorcycle. Johnny’s mother died when she was giving birth to him and he’s father has never forgiven Johnny for that.

Casey: she is shallow here life is all about parties and shopping she is very good friends with jenny and has crush on Dylan she is also the most beautiful and popular girl in the school, although she seemed just a shallow girl there more to Casey and the why she acts like she does.

Lydia: she is 16 years geeky and she is not popular but well liked at here so school. Lydia is very geeky and shy but very beautiful and she is great singer. She is short even though here brother is tall. She has very closed relationship with both sawyer and Jude.

Jude: He is attractive and sensitive, loves writing poetry and he over analyses and is easily frustrated Jude is very close and protective of Lydia His favorite past time is writing on his black journals and playing football he doesn’t  care about being cool.

Luke: he is anti hero He is a charming, handsome and snarky person who loves tricking humans, and takes pleasure in always winning, he used to live in bayside but moved to California when he was 6 but visited bayside every summer where he lived with he’s grandparents. Last summer he and jenny had affair before she start dating Johnny. Luke is determined to get jenny from Johnny and will do any thing it takes.

Sawyer: sawyer is the adopted daughter of Harry and Marie Thomas, and the adopted cousin of Lydia. Sawyer is Afro-American girl and was adopted when she was 4 years old because of here parent’s drug issues and here mother dying, sawyer things that both here parent’s are dead but that is not true. Sawyer is antisocial and hates cheerleader and football and everything to do with Casey and here entourage. But sawyer is a skilled cheerleader something she is not really proud of. Sawyer has crush on Johnny and starts a relationship with him behind jenny’s back and soon starts to regret this decision.    



EXT. Fairview. -- DAY




               The opening credits roll over a series of shots of the city

               And the real people who live and work there, going about

               Their daily lives.


We see a panoramic view of North Carolina.


A veranda wraps around the front. All charm with basketball hoop. Teenagers with there varsity jacket and cheerleading outfit getting in there cars we hear a radio playing music coming from a parked car the song playing its Calvin Harris feel so close.







Sawyer, would you please hurry up, we are going to be late for school, again!

As the camera rises, we find A YOUNG WOMEN seated alone on the bottom step of sawyers home.



Okay, I'm ready.


You know you really should get your own car, and then you can be as late as you want.


Yes, but I've already mastered the art of bumming rides off of everyone else. You look very cute by the way cous very lady like.


Thanks, you're not so bad yourself.

The girls climbed into Sawyers Ford Focus, and quickly headed off to school.




Tina (V.O.)

Boys! Your breakfast is ready.

Tina stood at her kitchen counter as she placed two plates of bacon and eggs side by side, and then poured two glasses of orange juice. Her twin boys quickly descended the stairs. Two non-identical twin’s walks down stairs they both are very good looking think Luke Perry and Jason Priestley in 90210.

Jude opens the fridge door. Studies its contents. Jude is not domestic. He never will be.



This is great mom.


Thanks son. Do you boys your football tryouts later today?

She’s talking to Dylan who just walked in. Goes straight for

The fridge. Pours a cup of milk.


Nah, I think the tryouts are in Wednesday and if we make the team and we probably will our first game is in next week.


First game is against west Fairview, are you and dad going to be there?


Of course, we wouldn't miss it for the world.


Speaking of dad, where is he?

As she took their plates and set them in the sink.


He’s in meeting with he’s thesis advisor at --

(Checks her watch,

Realizing) shouldn’t you boys be getting to school?

The boy’s gives there mother an odd look. A look of concern.


Yeah I suppose I'm driving today.

Dylan snatches the keys off the counter and runs out the door. Jude grabbed his own backpack and quickly followed after him.


Thanks for the breakfast mom.

Dylan and Jude exit the back door.


EXT. jenny’s HOUSE - DAY


JENNY Enters The Kitchen. She grabs TWO POWER BARS and Reaches for her

Purse, finds some cash on the table with letter that reads: "here are some money for lunch DAD” jenny is very sad that none here parent’s are here but she used to it by now, she has been ignored by here dad since he got divorced from jenny’s mother. As jenny is reading the letter she hears the sound of car and runs out. 



A small North Carolina town. Quaint, picturesque. A place you’d

Like to raise a family. Southern in its hospitality, northern in its attitude. A car makes its way past Main Street. Mom and Pop. A

Couple restaurants. A hardware store. A church.

Jenny rides beside boyfriend Johnny


How you doing beautiful?

(As he leaned over and gave her a quick kiss)


Good morning handsome.


How was your night?


Pretty boring, I spent most of the night making flyers for cheers tryouts later this week.

(She pulls out a stack of papers from her backpack and shows Johnny)


Those are really good babe, but how many more cheerleaders do you need?


At least two, Becky and Jules quit because they didn't want to work with Casey. She can be a piece of work sometimes.


Then why not just kick her off the team, I mean you are the captain, right?"


Believe me, I've thought about it, but if we want to win the tournaments we need her, and besides, she is my best friend.


Whatever you say babe, I just can't wait to see you jump around in your little uniform. (While he smirking)


God Johnny, you are such a boy.



Jenny laughs and smacks him lightly on the arm and pulls here in and gives here a long kiss.

Johnny turns the radio on. HITS the gas and they’re off.

The End

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