Teenage Nightmare.

Jen isn't living a Teenage dream. She's living the opposite. Her mum is going through a hard break-up with her most recent boyfriend, her dad has moved back into the area and is drinking for ten, her siblings are wreaking the usual havoc and her best guy-friend won't admit to liking her.

And that's before her mum admits she's pregnant for the sixth time...

"JEN!" It's mum, yelling at me from the bottom of the stairs. "JEN! Oh for god's sake! JENNIFER!" 

"What?" I yell back. 

"There's someone on the bloody phone for you! AGAIN!" She hisses as I saunter out of my bedroom. She thrusts the house phone at me. I take it. 

"Y'know, this wouldn't happen if you didn't keep taking my mobile..." I say, putting the phone to my ear. "Hello?" 

"Jen? Its me." A familiar voice says into my ear. I smile.

"Jackson. What is it?" Jackson has been my best friend ever since I can remember. I know he likes me as more than just a friend, but he never makes a move, too afraid I'll reject him. 

"Its... this girl." Here we go again.. I think. He always says 'this girl' when he obviously means me. I wish he would just tell me to my face that he likes me.. "I really like her, and I mean like like. I've known her for quite a while now, but.. I still don't know if she likes me back.." I take a deep breath. Its time to take the plunge.

"Look, J-J, who is this girl? Why won't you tell me her name? Surely I must know her? And anyway, if you like her... Just tell her. Theres a fifty-fifty chance she'll like you too!" 

"Jen... You know it doesn't work like that! She might just like me as a friend!" I sigh. 

"I know. Its clear she doesn't hate you, or dislike you, so theres a fifty-fifty chance that she likes you as a friend, or that she likes you as something more.. So come on, who is she? I won't tell anyone!" 

"I can't tell you." I hear him sigh. "Okay. I'll tell you... The first letter of her name. Her last name." 

"But J-J! That won't give me any clue at all!" 

"Exactly. F." F.. F for Farrow. Jennifer Farrow. Me. 

"F as in F for Farrow?" 

"Wh-what? N-n-no! Of course not, um.. I meant, um, S!" 

"Look, you know, if it was me, you could tell me, right?" 

"I don't think I could... it would ruin our friendship if you didn't feel the same.." 

"But what if I did?" There is a long silence, where all I hear is his breathing. Then the line goes dead. I look at the battery meter on the phone. Dead. Typical. I trudge down the stairs and put it back into it's cradle. 

I hear a gurgling, and see my two year old half-sister sitting in her high chair, plastered in orange goop. A jar is on the tray, laying on its side. Carrot pulp. 

I let out a long sigh, and pull her out of the high chair. Holding her at arms length, I take her to the bathroom and run a bath, for what seems like the millionth time. In the other room, I can hear the other kids listening to the music channel on the tv. Teenage Dream by Katy Perry comes on. 

"Teenage Dream. Yeah, right. Teenage Nightmare more like..." 

The End

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