Teenage loveMature

The freshness and excitement of adolescent love

I feel his bum

he feels mine

omg! This is divine!

I slip my tongue gently down his throat

we are passangers on this love boat

The v flag i do solemnly fly

but this young buck may be so sly

his fingers they creep

and i almost weep

i smell his hair, it smells of must

my pulse is vibrating,  ready to bust

oh this night is electrifying

i am on the ground now almost crying

NO IT'S NOT RAPE! How dare you think!?

Corrupt  minds before i even wink!

But yet i feel a loneliness in my heart

no wait it's just a mere fart

my man of the night he is not impressed

it's off home i go so i pull on my dress.

The End

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