Teenage Life- You will always be my best friendMature

“What would you do if a boy suddenly kissed you?” Weird, why would he ask me something like that?

“Ryan, why are you asking me such a ridiculous question like that? Of course I’ll slap them; I’m pregnant, for crying out loud! I hardly doubt anyone would be stupid enough to even try, besides you…”

“…Are you implying I’m stupid? How dare you Gemma! Just because you’re pregnant doesn’t mean you can get away with being mean you know!”

“Ah! But I have a secret weapon! I have my fiancé to protect me and I know for a fact you won’t DARE hurt me, not just because I’m pregnant, but also because I’m your…”

“Hey Gem, what are you two talking about?”

“I was being asked a ridiculous question. We’re just starting to talk about what relationship we have and I said we are best friends! Well, technically, he is my best male friend whilst Becky is my best female friend.”

“Where do I come in then? Am I nothing to you then? Fine, if that’s how you feel Gemma then I think I better leave!” He started to turn around but I grabbed his arm before he started to walk.

“I was getting to you. You are my fiancé so that would mean, our relationship is love, of course!”

“(Giggles) it better be! (Turns to Ryan) Are you free after-school today?”

“Heck yeah, I’m free everyday! Okay that’s a lie but you know what I mean! (Laughs)” Ryan nudges Dale.

That surprised me as a) Dale has always disliked Ryan and b) Dale never speaks to Ryan, unless he has to.

That’s weird, when did they suddenly become so close, if I was an outsider, they look like they have been best buddies since, forever.

“Hey, hey, hey, am I missing something? Spill the beans!”

Dale and Ryan explained together and it all made sense afterwards.

“So basically Dale, you understand Ryan and Ryan you understand Dale. Both of you get on well with each other now. But why weren’t you friends in the first place… I have always wanted to ask this.”

“Well, I thought Ryan was a bit weird, especially when he was around you and I got worried he was trying to hurt you…”

“The reason I was being weird around you was because… I liked you and I disliked Dale because of that, he had you and I hated that.” He blabbed it out really quickly.

He looked down and I could see he was blushing. That is so sweet. Weird but sweet at the same time, I have never noticed him being weird around me but I guess I have as he acts differently around Dale to me, well he used to anyway.

“When did you start fancying me? How come I never realised that?”

“Gem, your too cleaver to realize something that small and SOMEONE that small. (Laughs) ” Ryan looked up now and was staring right into my eyes.

“Ryan, you will always be my best male friend and you are defiantly not small. Look at yourself and look at me! I think you’re the one who’s too cleaver to realize someone this small!” I pointed at myself but then realized I had pointed to my belly and that immediately made the atmosphere awkward. I dropped my hand and started to laugh, I could see Ryan was holding back some emotional thought before he started to laugh as well.  

“You’re not that small, you’re around… me and Dales’ shoulder, right Dale?” Ryan turns to his left, my right hand side to look at my beautiful, god-sent fiancé.

“Ha-ha, your right, she is around our shoulder height! You don’t need to be tall to be seen hun; we’ll both see you even if you’re a midget!”

“I’m already a midget! Compared to you two anyway… what you two doing afterschool today?”

“Well, we have our Science exam tomorrow so preferably revision, but I wanted him to come over ours to revise with us… partly because he’s taken triple science and because he understands physics!”

We continued to chat for a while longer before the bell rang so we headed off to our third lesson. We had Maths, so Ryan walked with me whilst Dale went to his Maths room which was situated in the other side of the Maths block. I sat next to Ryan in Maths, Dale used to always complain about it but now, I guess he prefers Ryan next to me compared to other boys in my class.

Dale used to run from his lesson to be outside my room before we even packed away, just so he can see if Ryan did anything, try to hurt me or even touch me. Dale was over-protective with me, but especially protective over me when I was near Ryan. I guess this is all going to change now, for the better!

We could be the ‘four musketeers’, me and Dale, Ryan and Becky… wow, Ryan and Becky would make a great couple! Becky always wanted someone who would be wild like her but more realistic at the same time. Just like Ryan is!

I wanted to ask Ryan so badly, I can’t take it anymore.

“Since when did you start fancying me? You’re very good at hiding it, from me anyway.”

“Why do you want to know anyway? You’re already happily engaged and pregnant, haven’t you got everything already?” He specifically hinted at the words ‘engaged’ and ‘pregnant’.

“Don’t be like this Ryan, you know very well I love you, maybe not the way you love me but I still love you… you’re like a brother to me. Plus, what did you mean by ‘haven’t you got everything already’; I won’t have everything if I lose you.” I smiled at him and when he met my gaze, I was sure he wasn’t upset anymore.

“Sorry, I didn’t mean what I said. I was just angry at myself for being a wimp in year nine, I didn’t have the guts to ask you out and now, I’ve missed the chance. I guess being your brother is still good, (laughs) at least I still get loved!”

 I couldn’t think of anything to say, he’s said it all. At least I got the truth out of him but haven’t fallen out with him. I hope he would find his sole mate soon and forget about me.

Ryan, you will always be my very best friend.

The End

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