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“Happy Birthday Gem!” Sophie tugged my dress but instead of me having to bend down, Dale grabbed her by the waist and lifted her up for me. Sophie kissed me by the cheeks and whispered I love you sis. I felt tears but managed to keep it tucked away. Hollie and Lewis were reasonably good today; I shouldn’t have been such a mean sister and assumed they would make a mess. As for Jade and Sam, well what can I say; they helped our parents all day, running up and down the house to get things and to put things away. Jade kissed me as well but she didn’t whisper anything to me. Hollie just smiled and I’m quite happy with that.

“Bye Ryan, bye Becky. Drive safe okay?” Ryan opened the door for Becky and soon they were gone.

I turned around and bumped into Dale’s chest. He caught me before I had any chance of falling backwards.

“How’s our birthday girl then? You’re a big girl now aren’t you?!” He giggled, turned me around so he was behind me and so he could have place his hands on my belly whilst hugging me at the same time.

“Yes I am, although I don’t feel any different. What a shame, I was wishing for a sudden difference, but I’ve had exactly 15 years of experience which tells me it’s never going to happen. Shame.” I tried to hold my laugh in but it came out anyway. I guess I’m still rubbish at lying.

“I hate to say this by quite frankly love, you stink at being sarcastic. You have got lots of learning to do from me!”

Today has gone well, nothing went wrong and I didn’t hurt myself… touch wood! I got a few presents but I’m not fussed about material, I was mostly thinking about what Ryan said today. I still don’t understand why Dale can’t try to make friends with him, it’s not like they’re enemies or something. I’m so glad today went smoothly, I could think of so many disasters that could have happened today which would totally ruin the wonderfully planned-out party.

Lying on my bed with Dale’s arms around me feels so comfortable, it would make it even better if we were under the covers but since Lily was downstairs with Peter and Roger, I think it would be much better if we didn’t, as I really don’t want Lily having a heart attack about it. Peter’s still cool about it and Roger doesn’t seem to mind… maybe after Lily has left.

The front door opens and I could hear Lily and Roger saying goodbye to Peter, now Peter’s coming up the stairs and probably heading for my room.

“You two okay in here? You can stay the night Dale, I called Brenda and she seems okay about it, like she always is!  Don’t stay up so late, you still have school tomorrow. Goodnight.” Normally, Dale would sleep in the other room next door which used to be Hollie’s but since she likes living with Lily, it’s a spare room which then turned into Dale’s room.

Now that it’s obvious separating us for sleep wasn’t important anymore, I have a double bed in my room, (Hollie’s bed and mine pushed together) this was part of my birthday present from Peter. He knew it wasn’t the best as there was a gap in between, from time to time it gets bigger but Lily thought it was a perfect ‘design’ as she likes the ‘gap’ being there and I wonder why! The other part of my birthday present was a DVD player in my room, I already have a TV in here and he thought it would be much more convenient if I could watch DVDs in here as well, partly because we always argue about who’s watching DVD that night, with only one DVD player in the whole house. “Want to watch a DVD tonight; we don’t have to go downstairs anymore!” I hope he got the hint.

“Okay, we could watch the movie Lily brought you.”

“The movie will start in exactly…. 30 minutes.” I checked the clock on my bedside table.

“You can go first, you take the longest.” I was already on my feet grabbing stuff from my drawers and bed and was in the toilet in no time. I could hear Peter next-door, singing in the bath.

I rushed everything but I still took extra care, just in case. I even flossed my teeth, which I never used to do, until today, when I realised cake can get seriously stuck in between your teeth.

Dale took even less time than me and still managed to look completely gorgeous with wet, short hair, topless and shorts on. On the other hand, I probably look hideous as my hair was still dripping wet, frizzy.

The movie lasted two hours and during the movie, we sat in an up-right position. Dale had his arm on my shoulder and I just placed my hand on his back. From time to time we would kiss as the movie was romance and eventually, we just continued to make out and I completely blanked out the movie altogether.

“Wake up, it’s half seven! You’re going to be so late!” Peter’s voice shocked me but it wasn’t enough to wake me up completely until I heard Dale’s whisper in my left ear.

“Darling, I think we have to wake up now. (Yawns)” He kisses me on the cheeks then he was gone, off the bed but suddenly I could feel hands gripping on my arms and before I knew it, I was in a sitting position; it was Peter and Dale pulling me up, together. I suddenly felt heavy and fat; I needed two men to be able to pull me up from bed!

“Okay, Okay. I’m up!” My eyes still couldn’t adjust to the sudden brightness of the sunlight from the window so I kept them shut but I didn’t dare try and find my way on my own, I grabbed the two sets of hands and they guided me to the toilet. I splashed my face with cold water and kept doing it until I felt the sting. I didn’t put anything on but moisturiser.

“I’ll drive you. Just hurry up before it’s too late!” Peter shouted up the stairs from the kitchen. “I’m making breakfast, does egg sound good enough for you two?”

Perfect Dad, thanks!” Dale was sitting on the bed, fully dressed and was looking at me, struggling. “Come here, let me help you love.”

“Just count yourself lucky, you’re not the one with the big belly!”

“Settle down class, lessons have already started…”

“How come both of you were so late this morning?” Becky with her interrogation again!

“Dale slept over mine last night. We didn’t sleep till around 3 as we were watching that movie Lily brought me.”

“Actually, we slept at around 4 as you wouldn’t stop talking; even after the movie finished… talking wasn’t all we did…”

“Dale, even though Becky wants to know everything about our love life, I’m sure she doesn’t need to know every single detail!”

“Okay, sorry Becky but I guess my wife doesn’t like the idea of telling you too much about our sex life!” He deliberately emphasised at the words ‘wife’ and ‘sex’.

“We didn’t even…” I must have said it too loudly as…

“Miss Gemma, am I boring you? I’m ever so sorry about that! I know you already have a lot of experience with sexual intercourse but I still want your full attention during my lessons, do I make myself clear enough?” Miss Water isn’t in a good mood today! 

“Sorry miss. I just needed some help understanding… the diagram of the male sex organ, so I asked Dale.” That was the first thing that came into my head. Miss helped by saying about sexual intercourse, otherwise I would have ended up talking about plants and that wouldn’t have made sense!

“In the future, please ask me if you need help or if you don’t understand. Right, where were we up to?” Phew. That was close.

“Good one love. How did you come up with something so quickly? You’re not normally that fast?” Is he complaining?! I explained anyway, it was probably a fluke!

Now that I’m around six to seven months pregnant, I’m allowed to go to school for half days. I could since I was four months but I insisted I wanted to go to school full time but now they have an excuse to kick me out just before lunch time.

I hate it, I have to stay at home and do nothing. Lily’s suppose to be teaching me at home but she knows I can still keep up with work so she just lets me wonder around and watch TV. All my friends are at school, it feels like I’m in jail, jail with TV and computer. Luckily, every so often, Dale would ‘feel ill’ and come to visit me. After school, I could go to the park to meet with Becky and get the latest girly gossip but that started to reduce when we found out about our first exam, and it was Biology!  

Everyone is so worried about it, even Ryan is and that means something, as he is the most rebellious person in our year! Becky and Dale have decided to come to mine after school everyday to revise with me and teach me all the missed lessons.

Dale sleeps over mine more often now, partly because he wants to spend more time with me but also because as I’m getting closer to birth, he wants to be there when it happens, or so he says it.

“I love you, did you know that?” Dale and I were in my room, on my bed lying there and just generally talking about… life I guess.

“I do happen to know that. But did you know I love you more?”

“Is that a trick question? Of course I know you love me, but I really didn’t know you love me more that I love you, how do you know if that’s true?”

“I just know it. Anyway, do you think Lily’s still cooking? I’m kind of getting hungry, can we go and see if the foods done?”

“Anything you say wife!”

“I’m not technically married to you yet, you do know that right? (Giggle)”

“Come on, lets go and see what we’re having for dinner tonight… wife!” He helped me out of bed then he held my arms firmly down the stairs.

I could see he was worrying about something, he does this face where he looks like he might cry any minute but no tears come, he does that face whenever he sees me walking. It might sound weird but it’s true, he looks like he wants to cry whenever he sees me walk!

“Are you okay Dale? You look worried? What’s wrong?”

“I talked to Ryan today and he was just telling me about the party and what you said to him. Is it true what you said to him?” He wasn’t looking directly at my eyes now, this wasn’t a good sign. I tried to remember what I said to Ryan, before it made sense.

“Yes, it’s all true. Which part did he tell you or did he tell you the whole conversation?”

“He told me almost all of it. So it’s true that you worry about me leaving you?”

“I worried about it once; I gave up afterwards as I just thought it was pointless making myself worry about something so stupid. I believe in you Dale.” I met his gaze and as soon as I saw his eyes, I was sure he believed me as well. “Lily, is dinner ready? I’m starving!”

“It’ll be, in around two minutes. Come and sit down whilst I just finish off the last dish. Where did your dad go anyway?”

“I don’t know he wasn’t upstairs.” Dale went back upstairs, probably gone to see if Peter was upstairs.

“Peter! Dinners ready. Hurry up and come downstairs, Roger is at home alone with the kids and I promised I would go home as soon as the food’s cooked.” Peter and Lily seem to be getting on quite well lately. I wonder if it has anything to do with me being pregnant. Nah, I don’t think that would make them suddenly change their way of thinking about each other.

“Of course you can Dale, as long as you promise me…”

“Where were you? I called you so many times. The foods cooked, so I guess I’ll see you all tomorrow!” She was out of the door in a flash. We didn’t even get to say goodnight.

I suddenly remembered what Peter was saying as he went down the stairs, but it didn’t make sense. I wanted to ask Peter what he was saying but Dale’s acting weird, he’s trying to not make eye contact with me and this might have something to do with what they were talking about so I tried to forget about it.

The End

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