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I’m 16!!!!!

Today is the day, the day I finally turn 16, the age in which I can legally get married and have a child! Dale is already 16 so technically, the baby is legal but still. Both of us have decided we would get married after I gave birth as I didn’t want wedding pictures of me looking like a watermelon.

I was hoping nobody remembered my birthday, as I just didn’t want any fuss especially when Lily and Peter are trying their hardest to forgive each other for the missing heart beats thing and the random pain in the middle of the night. They used to act as friends when it came to birthdays which was hard enough but this year, a) their daughter is pregnant by 6 months, b) they just finished arguing over where we should live after I have given birth and c) Roger’s getting extremely jealous of us as we were spending so much time with his wife, he barely sees her anymore. He shows this by always sighing and always hovering about the house.  It’s not completely true but partly as Lily does try and spend every spare minute with me now. She said she didn’t want to miss any chances of seeing me, especially while I’m pregnant. She makes it sound like I’m only going to have one child!

Dale was the one, along with my parents (Roger included) who decided to do a little party; they said it was just going to be family and Becky.

This meant a big party as my family is huge. That comes to a total of eleven people including me. That doesn’t sound as bad but Lewis and Hollie are sure going to get up to no good and I’m not really physically fit enough to be able to stop them.

“Why do you look so worried? What’s on your mind?” He shocked me; he came from behind me and wrapped his arms around my stomach. He patted my tummy and kissed my cheeks and nothing more as Lily still prefers it if we keep contact to a minimum.

“Nothing much, just thinking about… stuff really.” I smiled and saw in Dale’s eyes he felt my happiness. I’m more scared than excited but I tried to hide it and it seems to be working.

They have decided to make the party take place at Lily’s garden as it was bigger and had a BBQ, (if the weather was nice) and if not, we would go inside and have an indoor party. 

“Come on Gem, you have to show some enthusiasm, after all, it is your birthday today!” Peter is such a child. That’s why I love him so much!

Something was tugging on my dress.

“Gem, can you help me please? Hollie and Lewis are trying to kill me!” Before I could say anything, Dale was on his knees and was comforting Sophie. He whispered something in her ear.  “(Giggles) thanks Dale, pinkie promise.”

Door bell rang.

I decided I was the only one who was free so I went to answer the door.

“Surprise!! Becky told me you’re having a birthday party! I decided to drive her… hey, how come I wasn’t invited?!” Ryan Littleman.  

I have a feeling this party isn’t going to go as well as it was planned. Before I could think of anything to say, he was in the house. Becky hugged me and handed me my birthday present. She whispered sorry and everything made sense.

I could hear Lily and Peter talking about the cake and Roger moaning but I couldn’t hear Dale anywhere? Not a good sign.

“Honey, did you invite HIM here?” Dale was behind me, holding Sophie’s hand.

“No, he decided to invite himself, don’t worry. He’ll behave himself. Don’t blame Becky either, it wasn’t her idea. She already said sorry. Just smile and be good okay?” I was heading for his lips but as I was much shorter, I ended up kissing his chin but he soon got the idea and lowered himself and kissed me back, but it wasn’t the one I was looking for as it was just a peck. I could tell he is really uncomfortable being with Ryan. I don’t blame him but I just wish they would get along with each other.

“Okay. Come on Sophie, let’s go and fix your headband outside in the garden.” I could see the pain in his eyes and I could see he was hinting me about where he is going and where Ryan couldn’t be.

 “Ryan, can you come here for a minute. I need to talk to you.” I was still by the door.

“What do you need birthday girl?” He was in such a happy mood I didn’t want to ruin it for him.

“Would I sound mean if I told you to be my bodyguard for the day? You just have to stay with me…”

“You and Lily think alike. Lily was just asking me about this when you called for me.” Lily must have seen Dale’s face when he walked with Sophie to the garden.

“Oh, well in that case, you are stuck with the pregnant birthday girl for the day then, Mr Bodyguard.”

“Can I ask you a question?” We were heading for the empty living room now.

“Of course you can.” I regret my fast reply.

“I know it isn’t any of my business but why did you end up like this?” He was pointing to my belly.

“What do you mean Ryan?”

“What I mean is… why now? Don’t you think you’re a bit young? Aren’t you scared Dale might leave you and you‘ll end up being a single mother…”

“Ryan. I know what you’re worrying about for me, I worry about these problems as well but I believe in Dale and I’m in love with him. Plus, even if he does leave me, I would still keep the child. I never thought about abortion and I will never, ever think about it, not even for the future. It’s a living thing… and most of all it’s MY living thing, inside ME.” I could feel the tears coming but restrained myself from letting it show.

“I’m sorry; I shouldn’t have brought this up, especially today. Sorry.”

It’s okay. It’s good to know what you think.”

“Where do you want to go now madam?”

“Ryan, can I ask you a question now?”

“Sure thing madam!”

“How did you find out about today? I’m sure I tried to keep a low profile about my birthday, and the party was defiantly at low profile.”

“I happened to over hear Becky talking about it to you. I’m sorry I invited myself. Becky wanted to kill me when I asked her the time but she told me to keep it low and I did plus she needed a driver so I made myself useful.”

“Don’t worry. I was just shocked to see you here. I should have invited you but…”

“…but Dale doesn’t like me, I know. I think he’s just jealous we’re good friends.” He laughed.

“Do you think? I don’t really like asking him about these things… you know… guys like their own privacy… like we girls do ha-ha.”   

“That’s not true; you girls need WAY more privacy than needed. You do know we like hearing about gossip as well, but you all just seem to think we are mocking you. Typical!”

“Ryan… you’re going off subject. We aren’t going to have a debate about which sex is better, especially not today. You are my bodyguard today, remember?”

“Why do you need a bodyguard anyway? Are there terrorists here or something?”

“Just from my siblings, they don’t really know how to look after me or the baby. They just run up to me and bump into me. You get the picture.”

“Oh I see. It helps to know who I’m trying to guard from, you know. I take my job very seriously.”

“You’re the best Ryan!” I patted his shoulder.

“Gem, kitchen please.” Lily and Roger, I wonder where Peter is?

“You heard them. Watch your step madam. Dale would surely kill me and cut me up into little pieces if anything happens to you, especially now.” He giggled and gestured to the door.

We arrived in the kitchen and saw Lily with Roger around the table, they were lighting up my 16 candles. I decided to be a little cheeky and started to count the candles as they one by one got lighted up. Lily saw at the corner of her eyes what I was doing and started to laugh. Roger didn’t get the ‘joke’ so he just shrugged and continued to light the candles up.

The End

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