Teenage Life- Life sucks without youMature

Lily has decided to move me to live with her and Roger. She has forbidden Dale from seeing me and from him coming anywhere near me. I cried even more when I reached her house and ran up the stairs and locked myself in my room for a week.

I couldn’t take the torture of seeing the same four walls so I went downstairs to get some food in my system when…

Gem, why are you so gloomy! Stop moping around and do something darling. Stop locking yourself up in your room.”

 “NO, I don’t want to do anything but MOPE! JUST LEAVE ME ALONE!” I felt hot everywhere, where did I get all this anger from? Pain? Fear? Loneliness?

“I know you are angry with me but you have to understand love, you’ll get hurt. He will end up breaking you and the baby’s heart if he suddenly left you if he couldn’t take it anymore.”

“What about the pain I have NOW? Does this pain NOT COUNT AT ALL?!” I was screaming now. I could see Sophie at the corner of my eyes and she was starting to cry. I had to get out. I can’t take it anymore. I headed for the door but I forgot my phone, it was in my room, so I headed for the stairs.

“Don’t go upstairs and lock yourself up again Gem. I’m still talking.”

“LEAVE.ME.ALONE!” I nearly spelt out each syllable.

I grabbed my phone and dashed for the front door. The first person I could think of was Dale. I called him.

Once the annoying ringing stopped I heard his familiar voice.

“Dale! Life sucks without you! Save me NOW! I want to run-away with you.” That would be perfect! Me, Dale and our baby.

“We can’t. You’re tempting me so badly it’s like a drug but we can’t just leave. (Pause) I have a solution to the problem with Lily. (Another pause) But this would mean you would lose your freedom…” The rest of the sentence was a blur, what does he mean by ‘freedom’? What was that suppose to indicate?

“What is your plan? Tell me Dale!” I was feeling so much better. I was starting to laugh now. He is my personal sun.

“Where are you now?”

“I’m at the park, why? Are you coming to bring me back to Lily? Please don’t! I would rather die than go back! It’s HELL!” I wasn’t lying but my voice didn’t sound convincing.

“Calm Down! I’m not going to bring you back. Well, I am but not on your own. I’m going as well but I need to do something before I go and get you. Come over to mine. I just need to ask Brenda about something first.” Why does he need to talk to Brenda…I mean his mum about?

“You do know you’re not making sense to me! What are you trying to do and why is Brenda getting involved?” I was getting frustrated now.

“You’re very impatient. You’ll find out when Lily does.”

“I think I might get a heart attack if you don’t tell me now, so I can expect it.” I had to get it out of him some how. Right?!

“Okay, fine. You are such a push-over sometimes. (Sigh)  I’m going to propose to you, to show that I won’t leave you or the baby and that I’m willing to take full responsibility.  I felt numb. The only thing I could feel was my jaws but they were hanging… I couldn’t speak. I didn’t have any saliva in my mouth.  “Gem? Gemma, are you still there? Hello? Don’t scare me like this… GEMMA????”

The End

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