Teenage Life- HospitalMature

“Gem. Gemma? Lily, Gem has woken up!” It was Dale’s voice.

The first thing I saw was a bright white light shinning on me. Then it started to move, it started to shape like people. Lots of them and then suddenly I could see all the eyes on me.

I’m in hospital.

I tried desperately to get up but then I felt firm hands pushing on my shoulder and I was on the bed again. It was Dale and Dad.

“Hey, what happened, why am I in hospital? Why are you all here? Wait a minute, mum! I thought you and Roger went to California on holiday. You two are supposed to be back next week!” I completely forgot about this loved-up couple.

“Don’t you remember what happened? Gem you fainted in the walk-in centre!” Dale’s voice was so sweet even though he was supposing to sound concerned.

“I still don’t understand why you were in the walk-in centre in the first place Gem? And why were you there as well Dale?” Mum and Dale don’t tend to get on well, so it didn’t surprise me she was interrogating him about being with me when it was really obvious as he was going out with me.

“I’ll tell you when you tell me how come youre back from your honeymoon so early?” My voice was barely audible.

“I’ll talk about that when we are at home. Tell me NOW why in the world were you and Dale in the walk-in centre?” She isnt going to let this go.

“Sorry Lily but I think we should let Gem get some rest before asking her questions.” Dale, my knight-in-shining-armour!

“Your right, she just woke up from fainting. Roger lets go and buy her something to eat. I’ll see you in a bit love.”

“We’ll see you later Gem.” Wow, I only just realised there were lots of people. Besides Dale and Becky, everyone left.

“Gem, how are you feeling?” Becky seems to be quite happy compared to everyone else.

“I’m fine, I guess. Why are you smirking?” Tell me NOW.

“Well, you should be your preggy Gem! With Dale’s baby!

“Gem the doctors here did the tests on you again and said you are 100% pregnant…”

“Gem, Roger brought you some pasta. Eat it whilst it’s hot. Oh sorry Dale were you saying something before I interrupted?”

“Oh it’s nothing. Don’t worry Lily.”

“Mum, can you get me some tissues please.”

“Okay…Roger come with me. I think they want some time to themselves.”

 Door Shuts

“So. What was that you wanted to say?”

You don’t have to keep it if you don’t want to…”

“I’m not getting an abortion Dale…”

“We’ll talk about it later… take care of yourself if you want to keep it…”

“How did you find out Becky? My family don’t seem to know yet?

“I got a call from Dale and he told me everything but he told me not to mention anything in front of your family, mum especially.” Dale gave her a glance. How kind of him to tell my best friend.

“Thanks Dale, you’re a star.” Literally.

“Anytime darling. How do you feel now? I can’t believe in my wildest dreams I would be a father at 15…” My butterflies are coming back…

“What do you mean father?! Explain Gemma. NOW!” Oh no!

“Lily I can explain. Please listen to me…”

“Dale, stay out of this, this is between our family…”

“Your family? I’m part of your family now Lily! Since I asked Gem out. I can’t stay out of this. It is also my baby…”

Oh no. I can feel the dizziness again and this time big-time! I can’t breath… it feels as if someone was pushing down my chest really strongly.

The End

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