Teenage Life- ResultsMature

How was it?” He said as he walked up to me and hugged me. He was trying hard to hold his emotions in,

“I have to wait till the report has come out. They do the test differently here.”

The microphone announcement

“See you in a bit.” That was all I could say before I felt the tears coming so I quickly turned and headed back into the room.

“Gem, did you bring anyone here with you today? You might want to ask them to come in as well.” This can’t be good.

“My boyfriends outside. Do you want me to go outside and find him?”

“That won’t be necessary, what is your boyfriend’s name? I can ask the nurse to ask him in.”

“His names Dale.” My voice suddenly started shaking as I said his name.

“Dale, please head to room 3.” Announcement.

“Hi Dale. My name is Dr Devon. (Clears throat) The results have come out and the test we did today is a pregnancy test. The result is a positive but it’s still quite early on so I’d advice you to bring Gem in again in a weeks time to do the test again to make sure it is correct as it is a little too early to be absolutely sure. And congratulations to you Mr Dale…”

The walls started to move, this isn’t a good sign, oh no, I can feel the cold floor. I could hear Dale panicking but where was he? I could also hear Dr Devon calling for the nurse but why, she sounded urgent, nothings wrong, right?

Then I closed my eyes.

The End

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