Teenage Life- BiologyMature

“Right class, today we are, as the boys might have mentioned, Sex education. As you all are aware, we are yes, going to be talking about sex. Laugh if you like, as it is only natural for your age-group to do so.” I love Miss Water. She is just so nice and is a straight-to-the-point kind of woman.

“Psss… what a great timing for this topic, don’t you think darling?”  Dale’s voice is so sweet, when he whispers, he sounds just like an angel, and I swear he is god-sent… he looks god-sent as well, with his lovely brown short, spiked up hair and his lovely hazel eyes; gosh it’s making my mouth water!

“So, how much have you spilled-out to Becky so far? (Laughs)” He was being sarcastic right?! Please hope he won’t be upset about it.

“Only a little, don’t be mad. (Blush)”

“You make me sound like a devil. Don’t worry; I knew she would get it out of you somehow…did she squeeze it out of you by strangling you?  Anyway you’re too innocent to be able to resist telling her everything.” He patted my head as he said this. I love it when he does that, even if he does end up messing my hair but I don’t care.

“Sorry to burst your bubble Mr Dale and Miss Gemma, I wonder if it would be possible if you two would listen to my lessons more and less of the talking. Again would cause you two a lunchtime.”

I can hear Becky sniggering at the corner.

We were silent for the rest of the lesson.

The End

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