Teenage Life- Lunch QueueMature

“So, what happened? Tell me everything and don’t leave anything out!”

“Okay well, he came over mine for the night. Um, well we got talking about… stuff and then we kissed.” I gave her my cheeky grin.

“Is that all your going to tell me…? I tell you everything Gem!” Interrogating time…this can’t be good. Her eyes were burning to know more…

“Why do you want to know? It’s quite personal.” I will stay firm. I will succeed!

“We are best friends and best friends tell each other everything, besides all day you’ve  been randomly smiling and it is obvious you and Dale have been up to something because it wasn’t anything we did together and plus you just said about last night, now tell me or I’ll never talk to you again! Our friendship would be over.” Oh! I thought she found out about last night…DAMN! Why did I have to blab it all out when she was just suspicious about the stupid smiles I kept doing. Dale, my knight-in-shining armour, where O where are you?

She started to face the other way, well, I don’t blame her as she couldn’t exactly do anything else since we were in the lunch queue and we were squished as it is.

Looking directly at her, well her lengthy black hair I took a deep breath and said:

“Okay, I give up, I’ll tell you, but we do still want some privacy...” Well, not much after I tell her.  

“I knew we were the best of friends! (She lunges for me.) So, tell me what happened since you kissed…”

I am so dead.

“Well, (I swallowed) we got talking about stuff, we started getting off, my back against the wall still kissing, our boxers were off…” At this moment, it felt to me like all of my hair just fell off my head…

“OMG, you guys didn’t, did you?!”


Why did she have to shout it out in the lunch queue! I knew I should have skipped the boxers bit till the very end when we were out of the lunch hall completely. Damn I hate talking before thinking!

Can u pleaseee calm down?! I tell you but I don’t expect you to shout it out in the lunch queue…okay? Unless you stop shouting, I’m not going to tell you anymore…even if we never talk to each other again! Comprend?”

 I comprend…I’ll stop talking completely! Just don’t stop telling me what happened…!” She’s doing the puppy eyes now.

“Well, for your information Becky we did, happy?!” I whispered.

“Im content now but I still want to know more… you seem to be missing something important out, I don’t know what it is but I just know it. What are you skipping out?”

That was a rhetorical question, it has to be, how am I suppose to answer that?!

“I don’t know, I’m telling you everything that I can remember, I mean, it was kind of a blur to be completely honest.”

Tell me more. Like what happened afterwards, stuff like did your dad get suspicious, what did he do, did you find your ‘spot’?” She was so into this conversation now, I swear I’m trapped for life until she squeezed every detail out of me.

The End

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