Teen TraumaMature


  God,the blasted exam was finally over! She sighed with relief,looking towards Sana with a quirky smile.Sana smiled back at her and glanced at Nans.Nans was jabbering at full speed with Simon,not even pausing for breath.

           Sana walked towards Jina,"Im flunking!"

          "Is that surprising?Pol.Sc is as boring as dry hair!Anyways,im passing!The paper was damn easy,"Jina smiled at Sana.

          "Nans is going shopping.Exam-getting-over calebration,"said Sana,rolling her eyes.

         "Hell,where is it over?Two more left!"huffed Jina as she gathered her bag and waved at Nans who grinned back,still talking.Jina smiled and turned to Sana,who was already on the steps.

          "Want a cup of coffee??I could do with one,"Sana skipped down the steps lightly.Jina followed sedately,her bag slung low over her shoulder,"Sure!" and eagerly followed Sana to the cafeteria,where many students were hanging around,many droopy-eyed after a whole night studying.Sana took the tokens from the one-eyed man and quickly brought the fragrant coffee.Jina inhaled deeply and sighed.Nothing,nothing could beat a hot cup of java!Not even a bitch....

          Jina refused to be intimidated anymore by the flaming tacky red colour of the slim shapely female who had just walked in,laughing at her companion's joke.Jina's eyes glassed over and she turned away,drinking the coffee,reveling in its heady scent.But even the invigorating coffee couldn't hold back the flood of memories that came rushing back to Jina.She closed her eyes....


The End

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