Chapter ThreeMature

I picked up the phone and dialed numbers . "Cole speaking " He said . "Its Andrea , I need to see you " I said while parting my lips . " Be there in a few , " Cole said .  I hung up the phone and threw it on the floor . I pulled the blankets high over my head and I just laid there until I heard the doorbell ring . I made my way downstairs in just my fathers old foot jersey and my underwear . Cole stepped into the house and I threw my arms around him . " Thank you for coming " I said whispering in his ear . "Your welcome , now what's wrong ? " He said ending the hug and he put his hand on the side of my face looking into my eyes .  " I can't do this .. " I whispered to him putting my hand on his and removing it from my face . " Can't do what ? " He asked looking deeper into my eyes . " Be .. Pregnant , " I said . " Alright ,  tomorrow is the last day of school before summer starts , Andrea .. I'm going to give you the best summer ever " Cole said putting both his hands on the sides of my arms . A smile lit my face .  " We can do this Andrea "  He said .   I began sweat .  Cole made me nervous  , but exited at the same time .  Cole began to shut his eyes and lean closer to me .  My eyes instantly shut and I could feel his hands on my back as he kissed me .  He let go and stared at me . " I'm sorry , "  He said looking away . I turn his body towards me . " Don't be , " I said smiling at him . Cole began to smile as he walked out the door . I looked out the window in the door and watched  him walk away but before he was completely gone I began yelling " Cole ! " Cole came running back . " Don't leave , Stay .. " I said taking his hand and bring him to my room .  Cole slipped off his shirt and came under the covers with me . " Promise you won't leave ? " I said . " Promise , " Cole said kissing my forehead . 

The End

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