Teen MomMature

Andrea Paterson is a small town girl that struggles with a teen pregnancy . Andrea learns and fights through this pregnancy making choices that she thinks are right for her and the baby .

I glared down at my stomach , I was never a big person , I gained five point two pounds since four weeks ago . I wasn't sure if it was because I was eating more than usual or because I am , pregnant .  I picked up the phone that had been ringing non-stop , I pushed the phone closer to my mouth " Hello ? " I said  wondering who would be calling me at one twenty three in the morning . "Andrea " a voice said . " Yes ? who's this ? " I asked . " Its me , Macy " she said sounding exited and happy . " Oh , hey " I said . Macy has been my best friend since pre school . We shared everything , she was like a sister . " Whats up ? " She said .  " Nothing much ,  I was  I was going to bed . " I said lying . " Oh , well , cya at  school then " I quickly hung up the phone .  The evening passed by fast and next thing I knew I was in a hallway flooded with teenagers .  With my arms crossed hiding my stomach I made my way through the crowd .   Macy came skipping down the hallway and she jump right in front of me " Hey ! " she she nodding her head  back and forth . Macy was one of those people that looked like they were in grade six when really she was a sophomore . " Did you hear about Anna's sick party she's having ? " Macy said jumping up and down . The definition of 'Anna' was a sick bitch that twisted words and personally , I wasn't her biggest fan .  " No , when is it ? " I said choking the words up . " Tonight .. " She said . " Tonight ?! "  I yelled . " Yes , you in ? " she said smiling and putting on her eyes of shame . " Ugh , fine " I said agreeing .  Macy began skipping away . I hear her foot steps softly hitting the ground . I walk through  the school until I hit a row of lockers . I walked up to a certain  locker , the number read '155' . I opened the locker and I stuffed all my belongings in there . A boy with dirty blonde hair and green eyes came smashing into the locker beside me . " Kinda stupid " he said . I quickly whiped my hair over my shoulders and slightly turned my body towards him .  "What ?" I asked . " Your locker is at the end of the whole school and its just you that comes down here at this end of the school " He said running his fingers through his hair . A smile broke my face and my cheeks turned red .  " Yeah , I guess " I said glaring at him . " I'm Cole , " He said smiling at me . " I'm , uh , Andrea " I said trying not to make a fool of myself . " Pretty name for such a pretty girl . " He said . My smile began to fade as sharp pains began in my stomach . " I have to , go " I said running away .  I ran towards the bathroom passing by groups of students , I dashed right into the bathroom  stall and i fell to my knees on the floor , crying as the pains killed my stomach . I felt something itching to get out but just then I began puking . I could hear Cole yelling my name from outside the bathroom . Everything was becoming a blur . " Cole ! I need help! " I screamed .  Cole came banging on the door I had just enough energy to unlock the door then everything was gone . I saw nothing nor felt anything . ( Three days later )  My eyes flashed open . I saw  Cole sitting in a chair next to the bed my body was laying in . "Cole " I said . Cole opened his eyes and smiled .  " Hey , your awake , " He said getting up from the chair and walking towards me . " Yeah , how long was I out for ?" I asked . " Well , about three days , " He said  . " Three days ?! Oh my god , I've got to get back to school , my English paper is due ! " I yelled . Cole passed me a piece of paper . " i finshed it , I found it in your locker , you really shouldn't leave the combo on the back of the lock " He said with a wink . I looked at the paper in shock . " I got a hundred percent  on my paper ! " I said smiling . 

The End

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