What is TechnoBahn?

The future is full of many people going many places. There are stories here and there, and in between. Create your character and tell their story. I'll be starting off by creating the framework of the future and being the narrator... I may add a few characters here and there.

TechnoBahn is the in-between time. If the System is where your body lives, TechnoBahn is where your mind lives.  To all you people from the past that are starting to show up, I would explain it this way.  When you work on Mercury, have a family on Mars, and surf the rings of Saturn on the weekends, your body spends a lot of time in transit. This Sol-System of ours is a big place.   Just like your muscles need the electrolics and feeders to keep them strong in micro-G; your mind needs something too.   TechnoBahn occupies your mind. 

I guess a more realistic description would be that your mind occupies TechnoBahn since it’s a shared experience.   TechnoBahn is a place where our minds can operate free of our bodies.  It’s more than a dream world, or an electronic communications network; although technically it’s both of those things.    Scientists would describe it simply as a magnetically imaged conduit and platform for the higher consciousness to exist outside of the grey matter of the brain.  The real answer is it has to be experienced to be understood. 

The End

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