Shooting Stars


It's strange, how after an arguement, everything is quiet. Just like the calm after a storm. In this calm, I was now sitting.

Well, to be exact, I was sitting on a chair, before the fire, with the tents to my right, my dressing gown wrapped around me, and my tired head resting on Marco's shoulder. My face was glowing brilliantly from the blazing, dancing fire before me, and my back shivering from the coolness of the night. It was a beautiful night, a clear, starry night with the occaional shooting star.

The only sounds around me were the cracklings of the logs and the gigglings and hyper conversation coming from the girls' tent. Patrizia and Jasmine were being as silly as ever, and would probably end up getting sent inside at three in the morning by Dad.

I signed, and looked up at the twinkling lights above me.

"Hmmm...?" Marco turned his head towards me, gently not to move his shoulder. Almost tenderly.

"I'm just so tired..." I murmured, gazing at the moon's crescent. "It's been such a long day. Thank God, it's over."

Chuckling, Marco also lifted his gaze upwards, and moving his arm tighter around me in reaction to my shiver.

"Yeah, it has. And we've got another hour of staring at the stars, til Lukas and Jasmine take over."

"She isn't gonna get any sleep at all. Oh well, I'll probably end up doing one of her shifts later, like yesterday."

I looked down at the piece of paper on which Lukas had scribbled the rota for looking after the fire. It was one of Anita's conditions for when we were camping, that we would always have two people on guard over the fire, and make sure everything was OK.

11:30 - 12:30 Marco & Sandra

12:30 - 1:30 Jasmine & Patrizia

1:30 - 2:30 Lukas & Marco

2:30 - 3:30 Jasmine & Sandra

3:30 - 4:30 Patrizia & Lukas

4:30 - 5:30 Marco & Jasmine

"Nah, we'll end up doing the last two together probably. Or just tipping a load of water over it at 3 or 4." Marco said, throwing a glance over to the house. "Still a light on... Why can't they be quiet? They're gonna get us all thrown in. Idiots..."

"I know!" I exclaimed passionately, but muted. "It's probably the last year we'll ever do this too. I mean, you're gonna be doing your apprenticeship so won't have any holidays, and Jasmine will be forced to a scout's camp or some other nonsense like that. I don't really wanna have to come here more then nessessary, after today I mean..." My eyes lowered and my voice trailed off, as a curious emotion stirred in rememberance of the eventful evening.

It felt like a sort of emptiness, that comes with an anger and sadness. Anger at my father, yet sadness at everything I would leave if I didn't return that much. I loved everything and everyone here, I just couldn't get on with my dad. I still loved him, I just usually left my holidays frustrated, not relaxed and rested.

I pushed this to the side, and kept staring at the bright yellow flame.

"There!" Marco's voice, and a sudden yerk of his other arm, shattered my meditation. "A shooting star!" His tone was smiling.

"Oh my God! Not again! Why do you always see them? That is it; I'm banning you from saying the words 'shooting stars'." I protested.

The next few minutes passed in silence, his smug and mine annoyed. Until, unbelieveably but expectedly:

"Hah! There's another shoot-"

I pushed my shoulder into his side with all my force, but he seemed to be expecting it. His only reaction was to hold me restrainingly and whisper the banned words tauntingly. My eyes narrowing, I turned my head to face his, however the proximity changed the mood very differently...

The End

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