'Hide & Seek'

So there we were, sitting up in the attic. Well, not really sitting; there was too much dust. Kethryn had ventured off up one of the ladder-type stairs, up to the west wing of the attic. Wicker baskets of some sort were crowded in corners.

I went into the south room again, and standing in the sunlight, I simply admired the beauty of the mountains I could see.

Linda was looking around, examining an old scooter and going into the northern bit of the attic. There, she studied the Victorian tools that had been left to rust. Linda was also the one to discover a hole in the wall, next to the stairs to the west wing.

There was a crack in which you could see the rooms half below, half to the side.  Above, where Kath was standing, was a trapdoor to the rooms below. The rooms were the four rooms ont he first floor without electricity. One was a workshop, another held a half finished dingy, one was a storage room, and one was simply a sort of entrance to the whole area.

The trapdoor didn't offer that much interest for us. After all, we were just sitting up here waiting for Lukas to get bored and move, so we could get out of this haven of dust.

It seemed that there wouldn't be a case of someone sitting by the door and watching out for him to force his way up. In fact, it seemed kind of quiet...

A quater of an hour passed before the dust got to Linda so much that she decided to leave, not caring that Lukas was sat down there.

"That's it! I'm leaving. It's so boring here, and I can not be asked with all this damn dust!" She yelled, as she marched to the door and tugged. Obviously, it was meant to be a dramatic exit, and it would have been, had the door actually opened.

Kathryn and I laughed as her younger sister massaged her shoulder and frowned at the door.

"It's a bit stiff you know." I told her as Kathryn went over and grasped the door handle. I saw her tense, and pull.

"It's locked. I swear it. That bugger's locked us in!" She sounded outraged.

Linda however, was already striding to the trapdoor.

"No! You can't jump that! It's too high! You'll break your flaming ankles! Kathryn, no! Don't tell me your seriously gonna jump that? I know, you're both champion gymnasts, but that doesn't mean that it won't hurt! Anyway, you'll probably break the floor boards. And, all in all tot he ground floor... maybe six, seven metres?" I protested.

They stared at the floor for sometime.

"How about those boxes at the side? We could jump onto them, and then the floor?" Kathryn was always the cleverer one.

"Yeah, and if you break the china in that, or whatever it is, then what? Hmm? Besides, it doesn't look very stable from here, if you ask me." Once again, I countered them. There was no way I was going to jump more then seven foot to get to the other floor.


For a few minutes we continued our previous meditations. Kathryn became restless and came down to the southern room with me. She then opened a window, and let the warm breeze hit our faces. As she looked down, the adults below us looked up and called:

"What on earth are you lot doing up there? Are you in the attic?"

"Yep. We think Lukas has locked us in. The door won't open."

"He's locked you in? He actually locked you in!" Dad's tone was angery.

"We think so, yes." Before Linda had even finished the sentaence, Dad stormed into the house.

A few moments later, the door opened, and Dad poked his head through. When he spoke, I couldn't tell if his voice held disbelief or laughter.

"The door was unlocked. The door was actually unlocked you know. Did you seriously..?" He walked away shaking his head, and shouting to the others that it was OK, the only thing locking us in there was our stupidity.

Luckily, there wasn't much time in which the adults and Marco could laugh at us; it was time for the Boardman's to leave.

The End

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